Is the Sony Xperia Z6 Only Against End Of 2016?

At the IFA 2015, Sony unveiled its new smartphones. Surprisingly the Xperia Z5 in two further versions of the Xperia came Z5 compact and top model Xperia Z5 premium. Now, another model in Vista will already be.

Sony announced every half year series to expand the Xperia Z. But does the Xperia Z6 only towards the end of next year?
According to rumors the manufacturer Sony could bring until 2016 on the market its next flagship in the second half. In the context of the IFA 2015, Sony’s

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Update of the Facebook App Fixes Battery Problems

The app contained two basic flaws, which attacked the battery life of iPhone and iPad massively.The update is now available in the app store.

Who had the feeling lately that would the battery of its iPhones currently especially quickly empty, which be let said that his feeling it not trügte. And if no remedy is also the Stromspartipps , the problem is probably somewhere where it can assume the average iPhone user at most. In this case, the Facebook app of the culprit was.

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Samsung Brings Clamshell With Dual Display On The Market

An old trend is coming back. Samsung introduces its new clamshell phone. But there is no case to comp
are the old models of this genus. DS Smartphone is far more equipped and also somehow again a Catcher at the present time. In August the flagships the Galaxy rated 5 and the Galaxy S6 edge + received full

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BlackBerry Priv Attracts The Attention

Erstaulich pulls as the manufacturer of BlackBerry attention. With his new flagship, the manufacturer clearly by the Smartphone pabulum distinguishes the BlackBerry Priv. But can convince the Smartphone also technically?

A secret is no longer after the official announcement of the BlackBerry a few days ago. It is the first Android Smartphone of manufacturer, which goes on sale and something very special for BlackBerry. In the past few years it seemed as if the manufacturer slept through some stages of development. But the Priv is the saving straw for BlackBerry?

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The new Motorola Moto X Force

With the droid, Turbo 2 Motorola unveiled a new flagship for the American market. Under the name Moto X Force come to Germany. Special feature: A shatterproof display!

Motorola has introduced almost two flagships for the year 2015. This is the Moto X style and the Moto X play, but both, in order to convince the customers enough apparently. So, you thought making Verizon-exclusive Smartphones (droid series) without the branding to Europe. This is the Motorola droid Turbo 2, which is to convince in addition to its strong hardware, in particular with the shatter-proof

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Meizu Pro 5-Perfect Blend Of Galaxy s6 And Iphone 6s?

Meizu has a new flagship for Phablet the Meizu Pro 5 unveiled -. Learn here what has the Galaxy S6 in the iPhone case on it,


You look at the units of Meizu, one recognizes an unmistakable similarity to Apple’s products. The Meizu Pro 5, this is no different. We are here dealing, with a rounded aluminum unibody (magnesium) as well as in the iPhone 6 / 6s is known. The front consists of a 2.5D-Screen. The only difference to the iPhone is the diamond cut around the display.

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Big, Bigger, Samsung Galaxy View!

It is probably because that the iPad Pro already relatively large seemed to us a few weeks ago, that we didn’t even know the Samsung Galaxy view.

For several days, numerous leaks around the new Tablet from the House of Samsung the round made mainly by the U.S. retailer Adorama. Now, Samsung has officially unveiled the tablet. The most unusual and at the same time most striking this tablet is without doubt his great or rather huge display: 18.4’s

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ASUS ZenFone 2 Now Also Available In Germany

ASUS had officially presented its ZenFone series another top Smartphone on the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January 2015. Now, about 10 months later, the device also in Germany is available.

The ZenFone 2 finally available in Germany

It’s been scarce 10 months that ASUS at CES unveiled its new ZenFone 2. At that time we also promised to furnish relevant information about a release in

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Google Play Music As a New Home For Podcasts

Google integrates podcasts – finally – in his Google play music app, at least this is in planning. Thus, Android user must install for the first time no additional app to get the benefit of podcasts.

Musik(streaming)Dienste are more popular than ever. But the market to (paying) user is to fought, why those services come up from time to time some innovations can be: Spotify called his new home page named “Today” in the life and tries to

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Meizu Pro 5 Mini – The Perfect Iphone 6 Copy?

After Meizu has introduced the Pro 5, is now also a mini version of the Phablets in the wings.According to unofficial information and specifications, the Pro is powered by a Decacore processor 5 mini. Here you get all information about the technical data, and more.

The Pro 5 mini not from the big brother should differ in design. The aluminum housing, as well as the glass front remain unchanged up to the size. That is the

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