10 Tips On How To Dress Well Every Day

Tips on how to dress well!
Regardless of the occasion, dress well is always good, because making the right choices we value even more our visual. To be dressed right you don’t have to use the most expensive clothes, chic, but rather those that match the format of your body, with the times, with the style and your activities. See 10 days essential to make nice in looks:
1. Evaluate the format of body-before shopping and end up taking home some pieces that won’t even enhance your visual, study on the format of your body and choose the templates that fall better in your silhouette, is your body inverted triangle, rectangle, oval, among others;
2. Have basic parts, the famous “Jokers” wardrobe-have basic parts is very important because with them you can mount various types of productions, without risking a lot, thus avoiding mistakes. In addition, the pieces never go out of fashion, wild-card so you can invest in quality because items will last more than a season;
3. dress according to the environment-many people ask that to always be well dressed is necessary to invest in sparkles and many other details, sometimes flashy, exaggerated. Dressing well is conform to the haunt, so be careful with the lengths, necklines, fabrics and more. At work, prefer discrete parts and more coy, leaving the looks more robbed, like shorts and tank tops blouses, to the leisure occasions;
4. make choices according to your age-it’s too risky a person dressed in a manner at odds with your age. If you are pregnant, have a much wider range of dresses in PSYKNOWHOW, because almost everything is allowed. Over the years, when you’re a young woman, you have to bet on that value the body parts and are according to the occasions. Have older women need to take care not to tender a lot of old-fashioned, not too young;
5. Take the test in the mirror – before you leave home and know if it’s any good, nothing better than to ask the mirror. Take a look at yourself and see if it’s cool, almost always when there’s something strange, we realize;
6. Use the clothes in your number-no more inelegant for a woman to wear the clothes in size. In general it tends to lower numbers, which causes the body to be much in evidence, sometimes even on the negative side, scoring fats or unwanted projections. Therefore, always use the parts in your size, nothing too tight, but not too loose;
7. dress as your mood-to be well dressed is also need to be comfortable. There are days when we are more basic, other more extravagant, so vista as your humor, but, of course, always taking into consideration the occasion;
8. Bet on accessories – if you have many basic clothes in the closet, nothing better than good accessories to give a touch more current and relaxed. Necklaces, earrings and rings are good options;
9. caution with the pictures-of course I use prints is part of the process of dressing well, because they always give a “up” in the productions, however, must be careful to set the standards. Small drawings tend to value all, worth betting;
10. Use what you value your strengths – another secret to always be well dressed is use what you value, calling attention to the best shot.