11 Amazing Ideas and Easy to Decorate

Looking for new ideas for decorating the house or apartment? Then you are at the right place. There’s a lot of legal option when it comes about decoration. The most important thing is that many of them are easy to make. Doubt? Check out amazing and easy ideas 11 to decorate. Wonderful tips on do it yourself DIY decoration. Looking for decorating ideas?Then check out below the best and be inspired.

1-Modern Lamp Made with Cardboard.

Easy to make and looks great in the decoration. How about decorating a house environment with this beautiful idea? I believe that would look great in the room. It is a decorating idea which is easy to do. How about putting into practice you too?

2-Lamp Made with Tin

Another idea lamp super easy to do. How about?

3-Wall Niche to Organize

In addition to decorating, this idea also helps to organize the environment. Very good idea, isn’t it?

4-Lamp Made with Cheese Grater

How about creating beautiful light fixtures using graters? Very creative and easy to do.

5-Door Schtick of Grid

Beautiful and modern! It also helps in the organization of the environment.

6-Colored Hooks

Great for hanging purse, key, umbrella, scarves, jackets, etc. With that no one else has an excuse to let things go out the house, isn’t it?

7-Pen Holder

Easy to do. What do you need? Shoe box and empty toilet paper roll. Great idea for home office or hobby room.

8-Wire Organizer

Is there anything more annoying than tangled wires and totally disorganized? Thinking about this, how about organizing them and still contributing to the decor of your home? It is necessary to empty rolls of toilet paper and cellophane tape.

9-Door Rings

Great idea to organize the rings. What does it take? Just a box and foam to put the rings.

10-Keys Painted with Colored Glaze

Come on, it’s very beautiful! Choose the colors to your liking.


I loved the idea to arrange and hang earrings. Looks great, right?