13 Bathrooms To Relax With Style

Much more than traditional bathrooms bathrooms open hand of revestimentosfrios and contemporary practicality to create ambience of pure delight. Come into play hot materials, like wood, luxurious furniture and various decorative objects, sometimes unusual in this type of room, such as carpets and curtains. All this, of course, without giving up the dream, powerful showers tubs and mirrors, many mirrors.

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In this selection, we had 13 environments that turn into art the moment to wash. Inspire yourself below and take your bathroom a little dreamlike atmosphere they bring.
1. natural Footprint
This bath room combines wood with apparent bricks, all in earth tones and clear, to create a relaxing atmosphere. The contrast between the straight forms in structure, in mirrors and in the closet, with the curves of the crockery, results in pure sophistication.

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2. Bohemian chic
A neoclassical touch takes care of this bath room, full of vintage details and with tile floor. Wine velvet curtain – combining with the bathroom – reinforces the dramatic atmosphere.

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3. architectural Mood
This contemporary bath room abuses of straight lines and thin. Burnt cement is the coating that serves as the basis for the wooden mobile, which supports travertine marble tubs.

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4. Luxury in every corner
Marble and wood creates the perfect mix (and unusual) in this bathroom. The grandeur is defined by sculptural tub in the center of the space. The dark and natural floor connects to the furniture, creating a harmonious atmosphere in the environment.

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5. All blue
Known to transmit calm and tranquility, the blue tone fits like a glove in this relaxing environment. The tub and fireplace leads more warmth to the space. Kilim rugs add extra articulation and, finally, a vintage poster crowns the composition.

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6. elegant Proportion
Straight lines, smooth surfaces and layers with different finishes. This is recipe of this sophisticated bathroom. While the shower area was placed on the encounter between a black wall and other concrete, the sinks are in a charming wall with wood texture. Round mirrors and appear on the asymmetric sinks while geometric-shaped diamond pendants bring light.

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7. The floor is carpet
Hydraulic tile flooring on the ground floor of this room is a bathroom only charm. The whitewashed walls bring a hot air praiano, and bath area, two showers guarantee a relaxing shower for the couple. Notice the frescoes on the wall.

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8. Romantic mood
A theatrical atmosphere takes care of this bath room, where cozy textures occupy the place cold tile, hardwood floors. The Victorian style bath is the Centre of attention and was placed on a colorful carpet of hydraulic tiles.

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9. sculptural Lines
The wall in the background got a geometric and minimalist painting, in a tone next to the tub and the modern Chair in this room of bath. Some objects with sculptural print environment personality airs: the clothes rack, a ring-shaped, the mirror and the sculpture, composed of wood balls.

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10. blue and white
Nordic-inspired, this bath room plays with two delicate tones and relaxing in your décor with worn-looking furniture. The couch-trunk protects and maintains the scented towels, while making it easier to wear. The tables serve as support for the exchange of watches, jewelry and other accessories.
11. mixing of styles
This room exudes sophistication. When mixing styles from different eras, the result is a chic décor just right, with a minimalist bathtub and clothes rack and side table of classic lines.
12. A true oasis
This bath room displays a decoration that follows neutral lines, with furniture in light shades like grey, white and beige. The wood comes in ripped versions combined with marble, from the floor to the wall.
13. Cottage chic
In this glass spa created by the team of Casa Vogue, walls and floor are ceramic coated in gray tone, which brings a contemporary air to the space. About the wood, in the same tone and metal tubs of fine lines. A stylish blend of rustic and sophisticated elements in the ideal measure.