17 Reasons to Go to Maui on Your Next Trip

Finally, the good daughter to the House makes. Here I am back to a San Francisco gray and rainy season after 10 days in the sunny heat of Hawaii.

Who accompanies me in Snap saw how much I wanted to be there. The mood was such that I even missed the flight back. I missed the flight and won a night in paradise with Sunrise there on top of the volcano. I think I left in profit, right?

I know that 1 time or another I’m going to have to get back to reality, but decided to postpone this moment for tomorrow. Today is the day to keep a piece of cake remembering everything we lived there. And nothing better than a post on Hawaii to keep reminding of Hawaii, huh?

And as the idea is to remind of the most wonderful things from the trip, I decided to make a post with all my favorite things these days there.Who knows you don’t stay delighted as I and already starting to program the upcoming holidays?

First of all, it’s worth a little explanation about our destination. Hawaii is a u.s. State consisting of an archipelago of Islands, only 8 132 of them inhabited. On this trip we chose the island of Maui as our destination. Therefore, all the tips that I’ll mention here below refer specifically to Maui and the towns that make up the island, ok? So come on!

  1. Road To Hana

Hana is a micro city which is 2 hours drive from Kahului (the island’s only airport) and I’ll tell you something: the way there is something beautiful to live. A estratinha entreita that often does not allow the passage of two cars at once, will cutting hills a green so intense and a vegetation so rich that it’s hard to believe. And if that weren’t enough already the sea on one side, each curve you are faced with a new waterfall, with intense noise of water that seems to invite you to stop the car and take a dip.

  1. Black Sand Beach In Hana

Lots of people go to Hana just to spend the day and see the beauties of the road. I assure you: don’t make this mistake. Hana deserves a few days. Especially because it’s a place that exudes calm. Second because its beauties are many and wouldn’t fit in 24 hours.

The first example (and perhaps the most famous) is the Black Sand Beach, a little Beach inside the Waianapanapa Park (I doubt I could talk fast!). The green surrounding the beach and the blue sea right in front only serve to contrast with the black sand, originated directly from lava of the volcano which formed the entire region. Without a doubt one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever had the pleasure of stepping on life.

  1. Waimoku Falls And The Seven Sacred Pools

Two tracks NOT to BE MISSED are the 40 minutes of Hana, both within Haleakala National Park. The first leads to the impressive Waikomu waterfall, with a waterfall of 400 metres. The second track (called the ‘ Heo Gulch) is well little one and leads to the seven Sacred Pools, a series of waterfalls that empty into calm pools and great to dive (less in times of rain when there is hazard of waterspouts and pools are closed for diving). Eventually, the pools are the path to the sea and the view is stunning.

  1. The Bamboo Grove On The Way

The waterfall of Waikomu (which I mentioned here above) is really beautiful to live, but most of the fun is in getting there. A 3 km trail passes through several mini waterfalls and a huge bamboo forest.

  1. Banana Bread, Coconut Candy And Pizza FromHana Farms

Hana is very very tiny indeed. So much so that there are few dining options (especially if you are looking for somewhere to eat in the middle of the Christmas holiday). On the other hand, Hana offered us some of the best goodies from the trip: the banana bread and dulce de coco, both typical of the region. The best we tasted was a little place called Hana Farms. These are two small huts on the edge of the road. At first you find candy, cakes, juices and ice cream. On Monday, a wood-fired oven attracts by taste of pizza. Every day, 3 different flavors. Everything organic, left directly from farms in the region.

  1. Hamoa Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches of Hana. White sand, wild sea, hot ripples jump. To spend the day hanging out, relaxing and getting a Tan.

  1. Wash Tubes

Yes, the Lava Tubes are made of lava tunnels. Yes, volcano lava tunnels. The Lava Tubes are one of the most curious attractions of the region. What happens is that the whole island of Maui arose due to volcanic eruptions. When the lava descended the volcano in one of these eruptions, the outside of the lava solidifies faster due to the contact with the air, which eventually forming huge tunnels. Seriously, the tunnels are so big that, at the time of the cold war, they would be used as bunkers if there was a nuclear attack on the island.

  1. Red Sand Beach

Another breathtaking beach. A mini trail that leaves the middle of the village of Hana, on the side of the school. Ten minutes and you come up on this tiny, red sand beach, with a barrier of rocks in the sea which of course bar the most violent waves and leave the sea to go the beach, nice and quiet.

  1. Paia

After 3 days in Hana, we hit the road and went to Kihei, our landing during the 7 days of the trip. Kihei is a tourist and more urbanized region, near Kahului (where the airport) and other small towns we visit along the journey.

On the way to the apartment that we rent in Kihei, we stop in Paia. A small village full of charm and filled with shops and restaurants. Vale stop there for lunch at Paia Fish Market (the fish tacos are amazing) and take a walk on foot through the region.

  1. Baldwin Beach

The flip side of Paia is Baldwin Beach, a beach of white sand and rough seas. We spent the day sunbathing and until we venture to enter there water despite the strong waves. For those who want more calm, there is side Baby Beach, a more tame version of beach with protected swimming pools of the waves. Perfect for those who will lead the Cubs to swim.

  1. Makena (Big Beach & Little Beach)

I think my favorite Beach in this second part of the trip. Makena is huge and beautiful. From there, sitting on the sand, it’s easy to look at the horizon and see whales swimming or playing his jets of steam up. It was there, in the water, we saw a sunset to breathtaking (I think the most beautiful of the trip).

Right next to Makena (Big Beach), is Little Beach, a small beach and a nudist! We did a little trail by hill that connects the two beaches to kill the curiosity. Naked people of all ages surfing, playing paddle tennis or simply chatting and sunbathing. At the least, unusual. Oh! And people dressed is also welcome, so we didn’t have to take her clothes off or anything. Phew!

  1. The Sunrise At Haleakala

Each day we choose a different place to see the sunset One more beautiful than the other. But watch the Sunrise is always more special. On top of that if it is, láaaaa of loud, over 10000 feet high, on top of a dormant volcano.

The path to the Summit of Haleakala takes 1 hour and a half drive and, to get there in time to see the Sunrise, you must leave the House around 5 A.M.. Coming upstairs, the cold is suffered (go verrrrry wrapped up), but to be above the clouds seeing the Sun come up is unforgettable.

  1. See People Surfing At Honolua Bay

The beach is of Honolua Bay is so small that I don’t think it’s too much to consider. But apparently the place has some of the best waves on this side of the island, making it one of the best places to view the people surfing. Go by car and stop on the cliffs just above the beach. Is to extend the yoke on the grass and watch the guys giving show downstairs.

  1. Snorkeling At Olowalu

It’s an easy Beach (with a great camping for those who enjoy camping following Andyoutdoor.com). But the coolest thing is take a mask and fins and rubberneck the corals. The sea is shallow, you can even right away, what allows you to be able to swim quite as far as corals are nicer (some 50 metres from the water’s edge). We saw up Turtle!

  1. Dip In Molokini

Homi and I love diving. We did the course there are 3 years there in Ilha Bela as preparation for our trip to Thailand. Since then we dive in virtually all of our trips. On Maui could not be different. We dive with B & B Scuba and was really cool. We went to Molokini, a C-shaped island that concentrates a lot of marine life. For those who never Dove, the folks at the B & B also makes baptism.

  1. Lahaina

City story too cute! Shops and restaurants super charming in the edge of the sea. Valley heading there in the late afternoon and enjoy for dinner, and drinks.

  1. See The Whales

Maui is a sanctuary of humpback baleiras. Every winter, thousands of them descend from Alaska to breed there. The season officially starts in November and runs until May.

The best way to see them up close is through one of the rides ofPacific Whale Foundation, a non-profit organization that exists to protect the whales and your habitat. The tour lasts just over 2 hours and they guarantee that you will see whales during the journey.

I think that was the coolest thing I did on the whole trip. In a moment of the tour had 4 whales together, all hitting the tail in the water. To keep in memory forever.