20 Toys Inspired by the Montessori Method for Babies

Playing is an end and not a means, however, some toys may offer the child new ways of investigating and usability of the body, favoring psychomotor and sensory development as well as creativity.

In the perspective of the Montessori Pedagogy, the child’s hands are a direct channel of learning. Through the hands and touching objects, toys from Behealthybytomorrow.com, children discover new sensations and investigate the object – learning from this process.

For a care routine permeated with more joke, check out the suggestions of  Creating with attachment of toys inspired by the Montessorian method for infants up to one year of age:

  1. Mobile:

Little by little, the child begins to follow objects with their eyes, interact with them. The mobile is an accessory that you can assemble with materials you have at home, and it can be simple without many stimuli or music.

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  1. Rattles

The little ones will be delighted with the sound from the movement. If possible, give preference to non-plastic chocks. As the baby grows, it is possible to offer other instruments, such as a rattle, a drum, or a tambourine.

  1. Cloth Book

The object offers an investigative experience through tact, and it is also a playful way of bringing the child closer to the universe of reading from an early age.

  1. Building Blocks

The little ones love to play with riding, and in addition, this toy will accompany the child as he grows, when new games will arise. There are different models, of varied materials and colors. If the idea is to take this universe to the game in your home, opt for blocks of wood.

  1. Puppets

The baby may still not be able to manipulate the puppets, however, ese is a good way for a sweet to interact with the child and create a playful and fun time.

  1. Baskets Of Treasures

Select objects at home in the middle of toys and household items, as well as nature walks, parks and beaches and place everything inside a basket – which can be a cardboard box. The game is to explore the basket and find out what’s inside.