2014 Sochi Olympic Skiers

During the World Cup distance long track speed skating in 2013 in Sochi, the Dutch men have riders already shown that it is necessary to take them into account. Especially during the Olympic Winter Games. The Olympic Winter Games will be held from 7 to February 23 Winter Olympics 2014. They are held in the Russian resort of Sochi. The Netherlands is more than ever favorite for a top ten ranking in the medal count. This is because the Netherlands has been to increase the athletic parts medal contenders. Still, the long track speed skating his favorite part of the Netherlands. Especially the Dutch men are highly anticipated.According to forecasts by Infostrada Sports Nedeland would in male tournament to win only three more gold medals. Ten riders to represent the Netherlands and thus also trying to get their Olympic dream of Olympic medals.

The Winter Olympics are held in Sjochi

Dutch skaters are hot favorite for Olympic medals

According to the prediction of Infostrada Sports might Netherlands at the Olympic Winter Games achieve a record fourteen Olympic medals. By achieving the fourteen Olympic medals Netherlands could reach a top ten ranking in the medal standings. These estimates are based on all sports from January 2010. According to Infostrada Sports Netherlands would win thirteen medals in long track speed skating and a medal at the Short Track. When these predictions would come true, it would be the Netherlands for the first time in the history of the Olympic Winter Games get an Olympic medal in the short track section.
Of the medals that the Netherlands would win according to Infostrada Sports on the long track speed skating, there will be seven medals won in the men tournament of the long track speed skating.

Which riders participate and at what distance?

During the Olympic Qualifying Tournament, which was held from December 26 to December 30, 2013, the Dutch men have starting places can be executed before the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. This position was based on the fastest times for the distance and thus achieved in the performance matrix.
* Kramer had also qualified for the 1500m, but his start was spot on, Jan Blokhuijsen.