Camera Update For The HTC One M9: Photos In The RAW Format

Smartphone photographers beware: the HTC one M9 take photos now photos in RAW format. This and more will bring a new update for the HTC camera app, which the current version is now available on the Google play store to download.

After the download of the update is the new mode in the HTC camera app “raw camera” to choose from. It is active, your snapshots directly as digital negative recordings are saved. So, you have your photos in its purest form for later processing, without compression in JPG-format with its typical compression artifacts.

Camera Update For The HTC One M9 Photos In The RAW Format

Not Only The HTC One M9 Benefited From Update

Are grouped in the use of new raw mode on it that the uncompressed images can beansprungen significantly more storage space and take time over 30 MB per file. A microSD card for additional memory is recommended thus. Raw mode is at least for the time being only on HTC’s latest top Smartphone one M9 to the selection. Whether and when the feature on all other devices will be available, is not known.

Which marketed primarily as a camera smartphones HTC one M8 eye and also desire eye get a new “combination recording mode” bought, with her you can insert in landscape photography. Split recordings, recorded at the same time with front – and rear-view camera, may now move the dividing line between two images. In addition, you can now manage the modes of HTC camera app and remove unused settings, or add new.

Sony Xperia Z5: Only A 23-Mega Pixel Camera With 8-Megapixel Sensor?

The renowned DxOMark has chosen the camera of Sony Xperia Z5 to the currently best Smartphone camera. In our practical test the camera, however, not so far above ended up in the ranking. Some users expressed criticism. That’s why we are once again left with the Sony flagship and have the resolution and picture quality of the recordings along with our photo team looked at very carefully.

For a better understanding: this camera test we have with our photo team, so our photographer and our image editor, closely worked together and extensively analysed the motives.

Sony Xperia Z5 Only A 23-Mega Pixel Camera With 8-Megapixel Sensor-1

At the launch of the Xperia Z5, Sony took the mouth very full. No less than the “world’s best camera in a Smartphone” should be the 23-megapixel bolide. The independent confirmation followed a month later. Into the DxOMark lab test, reached 87 points – more than any other smartphone so far – the Z5 and sit down with a point advantage over the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. The problem with laboratory tests: Check in the laboratory, not under real conditions. As I travelled roads with the Xperia Z5 on Hamburg and took pictures, their quality not so much like that convinced me at the LG G4 or Samsung Galaxy S6 had been case. The two smartphones simply deliver better images after clicking the shutter. Also the recourse to the slightly more verbose manual mode of the camera app from Sony brought no significant improvement. The criticism and the classification behind the other smartphones may not mislead to believe that the camera of the Z5 would be bad. Is not the case. It is well above average, but just not outstanding.

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Xperia M5: Camera Moves Right Into The Dxomark Test With The Xperia Z3

Sony itself advertises the Xperia M5 as a “Super middle” and prides itself on the camera properties of smartphones. The camera experts of DxO, a manufacturer of image processing software, have looked more closely at the unit and subjected it to extensive testing.

79 points not sound like an excellent performance while first, however be noted here that the best score ever granted by DxO for a Smartphone camera, is only eight points higher. Besides the Xperia M5, the former top models Samsung Galaxy S5 and Xperia Z3 and Z2 have achieved a score of 79 meters. The best mark of 87 points reached only the Galaxy S6 edge plus and the Xperia Z5.

Faster Auto-Focus Photos

In the test the Xperia M5 could stand out apparently by a high attention to detail and low noise. The auto focus works in photography mode also quickly and cleanly. Slightly negative noticed, however, that photos in the corners tend to blur. Also had images that were taken with the simple strobe light, discolored in the corners.

Xperia M5 Camera Moves Right Into The Dxomark Test With The Xperia Z3

When recording videos the auto focus of the Xperia M5 camera once again demonstrated he works fast. Enough light to convince also the colors and the white balance. Negative of the so-called Jello effect apparently stood out where the image like Jell-o trembles when the wearer of the camera moves on foot. The camera of Xperia M5 offers more than would be expected from a middle-class Smartphone, and is just under the camera of the HTC one A9.

Xiaomi Mi5: Vice President Released New Photo Samples

The Xiaomi Mi5 should enable high contrast and sharp images: Xiaomi Vice President Hugo Barra, published photos on his Facebook account, should be created with the new flagship of the manufacturer. The figures again indicate that an above-average camera is installed in the device.

The according to the Mi5 photos Xiaomi Hugo Barra made the images with the HDR mode of the camera app, PhoneArena reports. The Vice of Xiaomi according to the automatic mode was used, without having made additional settings. In the pictures, snippets of a Palm tree are seeing, which more or less have been enlarged. In fact, the photos appear sharp and rich in detail.

16 MP Main Camera

The camera on the back of Xiaomi Mi5 will allow MP rumored to photos with a resolution of 16. Only recently had the Xiaomi co-founder bin Lin released pictures that also should have been done with the successor of Xiaomi Mi4. However, were probably both the pictures of Lin, as well as by Barra compressed before they were published – therefore practice tests are likely to show only after the release, what actually can the camera of Mi5.

The Xiaomi Mi5 is expected to be powered by the a Snapdragon 820, the new high-end chip set of the Californian manufacturer Qualcomm. The front camera creates the rumored Selfies with the resolution of 8 MP. The display is probably measured 5.7 inches in diagonal and offer a full HD resolution. The Smartphone will be presented in late February at the MWC 2016 of public.

Xiaomi Mi5 Vice President Released New Photo Samples

Tablet PC, Archos 8 Home Tablet

Archos 8 Home Tablet – one of the most complete media players on the market.

Your pictures, slide shows and videos will do well on the 8 “high resolution touch screen’et. Thanks “photo-frame program” you can customise your slideshows with music. Keep in touch with friends and family; Archos 8 Home Tablet provides quick access to the network. You can read e-mail and surf on the social networks like Facebook, Twitter and other services.

Archos 8 Home Tablet has a SDHC card reader and USB 2.0 port. This lets you view pictures and play other files (MPEG4, MP4, MKV, WMA). Archos Tablet is 12 mm thin and weighs only 800 g. This means that you can have it with you anywhere.


Perfect size for images and videos at home
Quick and easy access to the Internet

Technical data:
Brand: Archos

Memory: 4 GB internal memory

Can be upgraded via the SDHC memory card

8 “TFT touchscreen (800 x 600), 16 million colours
Touch screen with virtual keyboard

USB 2.0 Host (MSC)
USB 2.0 Slave
SDHC card

Dimensions: 263 x 220 x 12 mm
Weight: 800 g

Lithium-polymer battery
Video playback: 8 hours
Audio playback: 42 hours

Other information:
2 built-in speakers
Built-in microphone
Recharged via adapter/battery charger

Package contents:
Archos 8 Home Tablet
USB cable
Power adapter
User manual