Bring LG, the LG G3 out in February?

Presentation of LG G3 and LG Smartwatch at MWC in February?

There is a LG G3 already next month? If you believe the current rumors making the rounds just so a new smartphone, the LG G3, and a Smartwatch named G-arch in the starting blocks are available at LG. Both models will be presented at the end of Februarauf of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

On the website of the news magazine KoreaHerald you can read that LG Electronics will present two highlights at the Mobile World Congress late February in Barcelona of the public: the LG G3, the successor of the LG flagship G2 and an own Smartwatch. The following is regarding the features of the LG G3 already leaked: the LG G3 supposedly has a fingerprint sensor and Android 4.4 as the operating system, the hardware of the LG G3 to allegedly come from LG themselves. LG Octacore processor with 2.2 GHz clocking to ensure the necessary drive of the Smartphone. In addition, the LG G3 shall have also a new, developed by LG display: the “Quad HD”display of the LG G3 has rumored to a screen diagonal of 5.5 inches and a very sharp resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. Not only with a new smartphone, the company on the mobile will shine World Congress: allegedly fitness band called G-health to an own LG Smartwatch named G-arch and a LG come on the market. Both products could be tailored to the needs of the new smartphone LG G3. We must be curious whether this is really so, until end of February not more so long…

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Different Types of Barbecue Styles

One of the great joys of the Brazilians is the good old barbecue that, whether for a specific celebration or socializing with friends and family.

People are worrying more about the meat and forgetting a very important element: the grill. For a good barbecue, this should be selected properly, properly installed and well maintained.

See below the types of barbecue available in the market:

– Barbecue made of masonry: the charcoal grills, made of masonry, are the favorite of duty grillers. Being a classical model, this type of barbecue requires space and should be in a covered place, to avoid the rain. The ideal is to be in a space that gives mobility to handle the skewers and it will not obstruct the passage of people. Before using it, preheating is required. It is important to pay attention to the height of the flame to not change the flavor of the meat. Continue reading Different Types of Barbecue Styles

Samsung Galaxy Q: A Smartphone, Even Better Than the Galaxy S5?

Galaxy-F-Series Should Trump After the Galaxy S Series

The Korean Smartphone manufacturer Samsung has a new series of Smartphone rumored to in store. Your name: Galaxy F. The new Galaxy-F series is to be very well equipped and in the hierarchy even through the Galaxy S series.

It is believed the rumors, there will be very soon a new series in the Smartphone industry leader Samsung: a Galaxy-F series. According to information of the Korean news magazine of ETNews comes the Galaxy-F series even with the Galaxy S5 on the market. As the release date for the new Samsung flagship Galaxy S5 is adopted next spring. The Smartphones of the new Galaxy’s F series should be equipped even better than the Galaxy S series. So far, the Galaxy S series represents the premium set at Samsung. The models of Galaxy-F-series should have an attractive metal casing and impressive amenities. The reports that Samsung would use no polycarbonate case of Galaxy F, by the way, carrying the model SM-G900F, for the first time for the Smartphone shell, instead taking well to metal, which makes the models still high quality. On the part of users was often finds fault with the polycarbonate housing of the Galaxy S4 or criticized been: many wanted a more attractive and better quality housing at the Galaxy S4.

The Galaxy-F Smartphone should have a 16-Megapixel camera in addition to the metal housing and be equipped with a very powerful Exynos-Octacore processor. There is still no info about the display, but it supposedly has an insane resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels (QHD 2 K). There is no other guide to the Galaxy-F series so far unfortunately yet, but we will inform you as soon as we know more about the new premium line of Samsung.

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Android is Becoming More Popular

The Proportion of Android in the Smartphone is 85 Percent

Android, Google’s operating system is becoming increasingly popular from year to year. Last year, sales of smartphones with Android operating system 27% grew. Thus accounted for 85 percent of the market share of Android in the second quarter of this year.

According to a study from the industry, the Google Android operating system in terms of popularity has world’s mighty risen this year and further expanded its dominant position on the market. Android’s market share is a whopping 85 percent now, the competing operating systems from Apple, Microsoft and BlackBerry are behind this far behind – that emerges at least from a report of the market research company of Strategy Analytics. Also worldwide increased sales of smartphones is mainly the Google operating system devices within one year by 27 percent to 295 million according to the report, thanks Android.

The Competition is Away

Apple’s market share fell in the same period, according to the study by 13.4 percent to 11.9 percent. The Microsoft operating system Windows phone 3.8 percent market share declined to 2.7 per cent and BlackBerry has only a market share of 0.6 percent.

Neil Mawston, Director of Strategy Analytics says the Android now this is to transform the market for Smartphone operating systems in a virtual monopoly. To shrink the huge advantage of Android, the competitors must think of something revolutionary. Mawston sees the new iPhone, which will come out soon, as well as the cheap smartphones by Firefox as the only serious competitor of Android for the future.

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What Is the Difference between Electric and Gas Grills

Electric grill is considered environmentally friendly because it does not produce smoke and does not use the burning of coal.

Promote a barbecue is just a good excuse to socialize with family and friends and live unforgettable moments. For this moment, count with an electric barbecue and make a practical and without much dirt event.

Made from stainless steel, the products are generally indicated to serve up to five people – precisely because they are more compact compared to the traditional model, made of bricks. Most common electric grills are containing only a large grid. There are other types such as rotating. They have an internal structure that allows rotation skewers, causing all kinds of meat are baked more evenly.

Who want to make more space in the house, a good choice is to stay with the barbecue for pressing, ideal for gourmet balconies. Just check the compatibility between the size of the product and the mobile kitchen and enjoy its many benefits, such as rapid ignition, ease of use and security, because the risk of burns is less.

All models have a container, located at the bottom of the grill, stores fat meats and facilitate cleaning the grill. This compartment also makes the water placed in it is evaporated.

Update – Huawei P8 Official Presentation at the 15.04.2015

Update 16.04.2015 – the Secret is Out

Worth the wait – the new HUAWEI P8 is here!

HUAWEI’s new flagship consists of a metal unibody, could create a seamless casing. It has a Kirin 930 processor with 8 cores and a 13 megapixel rear camera. In addition to the optical image stabilizer it has 1080 p video playback. 8 megapixel front-facing camera and fast LTE complete this powerhouse one.

Huawei P8 – Official Presentation at the 15.04.2015

Huawei fans! On the 15.04.2015, the long wait is over. The Huawei P8 is officially launched. Who do not want to miss this, can watch the live stream. The presentation lasts about 90 minutes.

Huawei P8 – Very Promising

With the Huawei P8, the manufacturer launches a new flagship on the market, which will be very promising. Like many other smartphones, there were some leaks before the official presentation at the Huawei P8. So, it is reported that the new smartphone from Huawei has a 5.2-inch full HD display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Further it should be 6.2 mm thin and equipped with a 2520-mAh battery only slim. As a processor, a Kirin 930 was installed processor with 3 GB RAM. The internal memory size should be 32 GB. The Huawei P8 to with a 13 megapixel camera on the back and an 8 megapixel camera on the front be equipped. There should be a dual SIM feature and of course it will be even LTE-capable. Allerding has not been determined, whether the dual SIM function also for the German market is planned.

Long it takes not more, until we finally know the Huawei P8 will be equipped with what great features. Of course, we will report again extensively after the official presentation of the new flagship Huawei P8.

Make Yourself LLC

The high point of the Karnevalsaison, the street carnival will begin in about two weeks. During this time goes on several days in the stronghold of Carnival and many small communities. Some events take place inside, but the main attraction are the decorated trains that go past waving and celebrating people. Who has still no costume, money can buy is still one expensive. A homemade costume is much individual and usually cheaper. Here I would like to introduce a few of my favorites – to DIY Carnival kostuemen.

Ideas for Carnival costumes themselves

·         Help, I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!

Devoted to the trashy TV broadcast, you dress yourself as the jungle Queen. The look is actually quite easy to create: dragging friends a cargo-pants, a beige or white shirt, a scarf that you bind friends according to your role models and a vest. In addition you may take a luxury article of course. A few jungle accessories like plastic spiders,-Schlangen, or palm leaves to decorate you perfectly. Now you’re writing the logo on the shirt and you’re done!

·         Ketchup bottle

The ketchup bottle is seen in Instagram and found to be good, especially since it is really easy to make. You dress you entirely in red, put on a white hat or messing him friends from white paper. The Heinz logo cannot be missed of course. You get friends from the Internet, increase it and print it out. Probably you have to draw the lines and graphics again. The logo you glued on cardboard and hang’s friends now either around the neck or do it on the shirt.

·         How about your favorite fruit or vegetables?

You’re a tomato with a completely red look. Then you’re set everywhere small red balloons to you. On your head and in your hair you will then spread the tomato green. Something like this works also with a pineapple, cherries or strawberries. This blog here gives you a detailed description for the pineapple costume.

·         Ice cream anyone?

You put on your everyday outfit. On your front and back, you downwind a large cardboard sign in form and color of an ice cream cone. The delicious ice cream balls, you are painting on cardboard and appropriately colored design, then, are your hat. The hat should consist of three balls, such as chocolate, strawberry, and lemon.

·         Be a Kamelle

To gather the many hats you need many bags. But even a and craft’s skirt and top from your supermarket bags. Here you can get a manual for the Bags-rock and a guide for an entire Bag outfit.

·         Dress up as a mummy

Mummies are a hit to the Carnival as well as for Halloween: your outfit is completely white in this case. Now, you need lots of gauze that you wrap friends from top to bottom to your body. They fit well to the face and head. You can use a white toilet paper instead of gauze bandages. For this costume, you make up your face also white, white and your eyes your lips black or grey.

·         Cat, lion & co.

You become the animal with a homemade mask and a tail. From the Internet, you can find templates such as these masks. These coloring pages are free and the perfect base for your costume. You resize the mask, print them out and put them on paper. It is kept on the head with a rubber band. You think a matching tail itself made of cardboard. While a cat has the best a black outfit, the dog gets a Brown a gray and the lion. In the craft store, you get also color matching feather boas and tulle fabric, you can wrap friends both to the rock.

·         Plus size Tinker Bell

Like you to the plus size Tinker Bell will, will be explained in this video on YouTube .

·         Greek costume

A classic that is quickly made and every woman look good, is an ancient Greek costume. For this you need above all a successful makeup and little patience for your hair. Otherwise, still a cord and a sheet are required. Here the detailed instructions for this.

·         Rockabilly girl costume

Here, a young lady shows you how you’re going to the Rockabilly Girl . For this you need a skin-tight jeans, boots, a tight shirt over that, you’re a denim or plaid blouse. You will also need still a cool bandana cloth or alternatively a scarf is long enough for your head. Styling your hair and make-up is important here.

Look, there’s terrific suggestions for many more costumes to do it yourself on Pinterest .

What are your favorite Carnival costumes to the make it yourself?


Apple Advertises Off Lumia-Camera Specialists from Nokia

A new camera specialist for Apple: The main developer for the Lumia cameras changes from Nokia to the company from Cupertino. Since 2007, ARI pieces at the Finnish mobile phone company for the cameras was responsible and has developed amongst the 808 PureView, which is used in the Nokia 920.

Even though Nokia successes so far no outstanding Lumia series with the Windows phone operating system, the smartphones for innovative and high-performance camera technology are known as the verge pointed out. For example the impressive 41-mega pixel camera of Lumia includes 1020, pieces was also involved in its development.

Switching to Apple in June

As the camera specialist in a tweet, the change to Apple will take place in June. Which function he will take over at Apple, is not known. But, it is believed that he also will be involved in the development of new camera technologies. Other professionals for cameras, who previously worked at Nokia, working since acquiring the phone for Microsoft. Examples include Juha Alakarhu and Tero Vuori, who had issued a font once together with pieces in which the technology of PureView was declared.

Rihanna Fan Smartphone Destroyed in the Selfie Snap

Never give your Smartphone in hand Rihanna… Also the President of the police Committee of Los Angeles from the events of last Friday has drawn this doctrine. Steve Soboroff met her at a basketball game for the Los Angeles Clippers against the Oklahoma City Thunder and wanted to have a memory image of the singer.

Rihanna was not long to ask and took the photo with Soboroff. But apparently she had slippery finger – because its Smartphone slipped from her hands and fell to the ground, apparently broke the display, Gawker reported. On a photo spread, the Soboroff about Twitter published, is the misfortune to see.

For A Good Cause

However, Soboroff took the mishap apparently with humor. He also announced in a tweet, let to the highest bidder, auction off the broken Smartphone, which Rihanna donated without further ADO still an autograph – and money of a foundation of the Los Angeles Police Department to come to. Who met in future Rihanna and want to record a Selfie with her, should give its smartphone so I’d rather not out of hand.

Express yourself With Fashion Plus Size!

Today you are imagining Lisa Mosh, operator of the same name plus size blogs. The 26-year-old loves to experementieren large size around with fashion and even trendy challenges. She want bring as she put themselves on their blog, world color in the plus-size fashion. And that’s a good thing. Color is important for the well-being and also in the approaching autumn should not be waived on color.

The friendly plus size blogger says:

Fashion is big sizes for me not to conceal curves or refrain from cool trends. On the contrary, I get my inspiration from various sources and SoundFonts fashion in my way.”

Here are a few great looks from Lisa. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, is the motto – how you style here at the first large size with the trendy crop top can see: very cool and modern.