Name Onedrive May Involve Microsoft in Another Legal Dispute

He felt that feeling of “this will not work” when the onedrive name was called on for SkyDrive? Maybe you’re right: the a web hosting company with a strong presence in Europe, is now studying the possibility to take Microsoft to court because of the new brand.

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Microsoft Go Back and Decides to Bet on the MSN Brand

Take it easy, I’m not talking about the late MSN Messenger that for so many years has been our favorite IM, to be supplanted by Skype. Microsoft said the MSN portal will go through a redesign in the coming months. A test version is in the air for all to see. Not enough news on the web, the company also revealed that some Bing apps will change name – will be known MSN. Continue reading Microsoft Go Back and Decides to Bet on the MSN Brand

Via Twitter, TwitPic Says It Will No Longer be Discontinued

The TwitPic or was being widely used, but the announcement of its closure earlier this month took everyone by surprise. If you are among the active members of the tool or simply feared losing images guard there, do not worry: the service will no longer be discontinued.

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Google Launches in Brazil Simplified Version of Its Browser for Slow Mobile Connections

The Google announced on Thursday (2) a simplified version of its search engine to make life easier for those who access the Internet from slow mobile connections. The novelty is designed to work specifically in Brazil and India.

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It Will be Easier to Report Messages and Control Blocks on Twitter

If you tried to report abusive tweets, you must have realized that Twitter does not offer much practical means for this purpose. But this scenario will change: Tuesday (2), the company announced some features that make combating abusive behavior on social network more efficient.

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How to Accessorize with Handbags

Notice to collectors compulsive, new small landing in your favorite stores. Discover the 50 models not to be missed to improve your looks.

It is by far the accessory most acclaimed by women and faithfully accompanies us in our daily lives. And despite already provided wardrobe, we still lack the model or the perfect color to associate with the latest jacket kimono or a mixed look 70’s in vogue this season.
Ideal for a calm look a little strong or otherwise revitalize an outfit a little wise, the bag itself as a “must have” absolute. Discover the key trends of this spring-summer 2016 and choose the model that will best fit your lifestyle. So stop all forms of guilt, the bags are cute our sins, and follow our advice!
It’s a rainbow sky color that is sweeping this season on your favorite accessories, with punchy colors monochrome like yellow, green, red fuchsia or blue versions. It’s time to raise your outfits with colorful touch that will fly. The mild nude also seized numerous bags to mix it with the dress bohemian spirit of this summer. The printed on them are not left with the flowers always with go and the effects python or crocodile that will highlight your sharp taste for fashion. Next season we say a big yes also to the originality and pulls it with the style bags nails, perforated, with fringes, carrier bags of cotton or monogrammed canvas. Without further ado, let you fancy shopping especially when prices are soft, and bet on more traditional and expensive basic that you will keep longer. Think about it!
What about the shapes? The bags bucket and purse still popular, are the safe bets of the season, a classic strand in plain colors, leather or suede. Also go for the printed patterns, bicolor or neoprene material for more modernity. The bag slung with her demure look will intrude on a lot of your summer looks, always sober, it is the ideal ally of the modern woman seeking chic. Finally, the bag it or mini XXL has the advantage of accompanying busy women who carry their home. Between sports equipment, office files and the security blanket of the youngest it takes place is not it?

A Vibe Through Moto, Lenovo Launches Vibe K5 in Brazil for R$999

Lenovo, responsible for lines and Moto Vibe smartphones, launched today in Brazil Vibe K5, an intermediate smartphone with the price affordable, R$999. To put it in perspective, the Moto 3rd generation G, launched in July 2015 and holder of lower specifications, currently has suggested price of US $939. What is the trick or trick?

The Lenovo Vibe K5 (out there goes by Vibe K5 Plus) is a device with 5-inch screen and Full HD resolution, SoC with octa-core Snapdragon 616, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal space (expandable via card microSD up to 32GB) and battery 2750 mAh. The front camera is the new standard for selfies, 5 megapixels, while the main has 13 megapixels, with autofocus and LED flash. In addition, the cameras have two features that, while not exist in the default Android app, are not new: the recognition of the “V” made with your fingers to shoot the front camera (hello, LG) and the beautification mode (hello … all Asian manufacturers?).

If we think about competition than domestic, Moto G, the suggested price of Vibe K5 is even more interesting, since we are in a high dollar scenario and without the good law which gave great strength to smartphones up to R$1,500. See this comparative table:

Vibe K5 is the only group to come with Snapdragon 616 and Full HD resolution, two rare points in the segment that the distance of the direct competitors, most of them, incidentally, launched last year, before the most profound upheavals in the economy. Lenovo says (and proves) that an intermediary for R$999 at launch in 2016, is still possible.

According to Marcela Lacerda, marketing executive of the Mobile Business Group, Lenovo in Brazil, the major difference between Moto and Vibe lines is the technology used. With the Moto line Lenovo expects to launch trends, as ShatterShield screen Moto X Force and the use of real and different materials in the finish, like the Bamboo Moto X (2014) and Moto X Style. Already the Vibe line aims to bring technologies already established for more affordable devices, within the cost-effective speech, as the metallic finish Vibe K5 or digital reader A7010 Vibe, Vibe product first released in late 2015.

Despite the speech, communication lines and Moto vibe is still very similar, at least in the launch events: in addition to the same executives, many colors we see, a lot of attitude, a lot of youth. The Vibe K5 event had a vibe through Moto G, half hipster.

Another difference that is felt and is not touted by Lenovo executives stems from the source of the two brands – Moto US/West and Lenovo in China/east. Vibe K5 Android wheel still in version 5.1 (with upgrade promise for 6.0 “Marshmallow” soon) and despite the slightly modified interface, it does not negate the Asian origins. As we know, China is a universe apart in Mobile software .

Lenovo brought a second home screen option in Vibe K5. The feature is called Dual Launcher and, for that user you want to customize your system, it modifies some details of the interface as whether or not the apps drawer (a la Xiaomi), more icons on the home screen and other minor changes. The owner of a Vibe K5 still find in the smartphone an application with themes, a trademark of Oriental brands.

In a recent conversation I had with Marcel Campos, Asus, he told me that the Brazilian loves this kind of customization through themes. Although we lack data, it is curious to see the Androids of Chinese Lenovo and Xiaomi and the Taiwanese Asus, with its themes and beautification modes for the front camera, gaining ground here. Even Android Vibe K5 being neater than the other manufacturers across the world, it is still different from Android purest Moto.

With metallic finish on the sides, rear plastic cover and uninspired design, Vibe K5, which is very light in the hand (142 grams), will be sold here in silver, graphite and gold. For now, only gold and silver colors are available in the store brand. In addition to the graphite version, Lenovo also put up for sale soon, two special editions: one with JBL headphones and another with cover and protective film on the box.

How to Buy a Corner Sofa?

For those who are with the new house or are changing your furniture nothing like buying a new mobile, modern and comfortable. One of the most desired items in a room is the couch be it big or small, the sofa is an item that you have to bring much comfort and beauty to your living room, of course, nothing better than get a modern sofa, to give the feeling of a room very modern and comfortable.

In this post we will focus on small corner sofas, because more and more space in apartments and house are getting smaller, with it looking for furniture that can give a great comfort and can occupy little space are increasingly on the rise.

When buying the sofa remember you’re going to watch the football, movie, television series. In addition to receiving their friends and take that nap. So think carefully before you want to save a lot, and so may lose the comfort, so not worth economy x loss of comfort.

Before you buy stay very attentive as some tips, first you have to take the measurements of your room. As this is a very common mistake, and as a result were very big couches in the living room, disrupting the circulation. If the wall has 3m, don’t buy a 3m one of 1.80 or 2m is what fits in the space. The space that is left will be to put tables on the sides left over so I could compose the layout of your living room.

Another tip on buying the sofa is to check your foam density. Couches that has soft foam are uncomfortable. And the very hard too. So the ideal is to find the middle ground.

Check out our selection of pictures so you can get an idea of which model to buy to put and your house or apartment. Noting that currently there are thousands of brands and sizes, so I know looking for the couch, don’t buy in the first place you go, it’s worth searching because prices vary greatly.

11 Amazing Ideas and Easy to Decorate

Looking for new ideas for decorating the house or apartment? Then you are at the right place. There’s a lot of legal option when it comes about decoration. The most important thing is that many of them are easy to make. Doubt? Check out amazing and easy ideas 11 to decorate. Wonderful tips on do it yourself DIY decoration. Looking for decorating ideas?Then check out below the best and be inspired.

1-Modern Lamp Made with Cardboard.

Easy to make and looks great in the decoration. How about decorating a house environment with this beautiful idea? I believe that would look great in the room. It is a decorating idea which is easy to do. How about putting into practice you too?

2-Lamp Made with Tin

Another idea lamp super easy to do. How about?

3-Wall Niche to Organize

In addition to decorating, this idea also helps to organize the environment. Very good idea, isn’t it?

4-Lamp Made with Cheese Grater

How about creating beautiful light fixtures using graters? Very creative and easy to do.

5-Door Schtick of Grid

Beautiful and modern! It also helps in the organization of the environment.

6-Colored Hooks

Great for hanging purse, key, umbrella, scarves, jackets, etc. With that no one else has an excuse to let things go out the house, isn’t it?

7-Pen Holder

Easy to do. What do you need? Shoe box and empty toilet paper roll. Great idea for home office or hobby room.

8-Wire Organizer

Is there anything more annoying than tangled wires and totally disorganized? Thinking about this, how about organizing them and still contributing to the decor of your home? It is necessary to empty rolls of toilet paper and cellophane tape.

9-Door Rings

Great idea to organize the rings. What does it take? Just a box and foam to put the rings.

10-Keys Painted with Colored Glaze

Come on, it’s very beautiful! Choose the colors to your liking.


I loved the idea to arrange and hang earrings. Looks great, right?

Memmo Diving Experience-Contact Us

Change your life for the better!

Breathe Underwater?

Ever wonder how will breathe underwater? Always wanted to see the wonders of the underwater world? So, learn to dive can change your life for the better! Come to experience the recreational diving with PADI courses.

Memmo Diving Discover Scuba

With the duration of one morning, the PADI Discover Scuba course lectures and pool brings together, in one place, in our shop to Coina.

If you have more than 10 years and want to experience the sensations of live underwater, make us your Memmo diving experience and receive a certificate from PADI Discover Scuba international recognition.

Take advantage of our promotional values of only $ 35, which includes, in addition to the certificate, the original brochure in Portuguese PADI Discover Scuba, the insurance and the use of all the equipment required for the course, and come to dive.

Memmo Diving Discover Scuba Diver

This baptism of diving is the first opportunity to meet what is required to explore the underwater world of a fast, easy and secure. Take the first step to the discovery of the fantastic world of scuba. Come explore it with us.

With a duration of two mornings, the Memmo diving Discover Scuba Diver is composed of a theory lesson, followed by a pool class, on the first day, and for a class, on the second day.

The lectures and pool take place at Coina and sea classes take place at the Portinho da Arrábida.