Firefox 8 Available for Those Who Do Not Want to Wait Until Tomorrow

It seems like yesterday that Firefox 7 was released by Mozilla, bringing improvements in memory allocation and faster. But actually does little more than six weeks: it was released in late September, continuing the rapid development of the company calendar. The next iteration of the browser, Firefox 8 will be released tomorrow and therefore, like all others, is already available on FTP servers for the most eager.

This new version of Firefox comes with the two usual items from the rapid development cycle was implmentado: compatibility breaks with some previous extensions and performance improvements and speed as well, to balance. But this time the Mozilla browser includes a search on Twitter built-in bar search, the ability to choose which tabs reopen after the browser is closed and new extensions are disabled until the user to activate, which is a good feature safety.

Who does not want to wait, download now the Brazilian Portuguese version of the browser using the following links for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Direct links are courtesy of Gemind staff.

All non-anxious can download the browser directly from Mozilla’s website or by automatic update starting tomorrow. Who choose the second option, by the way, you will see this screen up there, which contains the option to manage existing extensions and automatically updates to those that are already compatible with the browser.


Film About Pirate Bay is Being Recorded

Not only is Facebook that will turn movie. The bay of pirates also have their story recorded on film. But he will not feature any famous Hollywood actor: it is a documentary. The title will be TPB-AFK (acronyms that can be translated loosely to “The Pirate Bay – Away from keyboard”) and is already being recorded by Swedish filmmaker Simon Klose, who accompanied members of the site in several sessions in court. Klose also plans to start a campaign of donations through the movie site for it to be finished.

Crash in Server Takes Air

Any reader of TB certainly have used to at least once in life, shorten an address that was too long. The genuine Brazilian service in the air for more than a year, has become a reference in shortening URLs. But last week the has experienced difficulties due to a crash on the server that was staying.

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German Court Condemns by YouTube Uploads Copyrighted

A German court – again to Germany … – ruled on Friday that the YouTube pay financial compensation to the singer Sarah Brightman due to user – uploaded videos that do not hold the copyright of the artist’s songs. The judge of the case, just ask if the user has permission to send that content does not exempt the YouTube of copyright infringement. The Google has warned that it will appeal the decision.

Facebook Allows Developers to Request Address Members

In the case of Facebook, we have become used to see the name of the social network mixed with some problem of privacy. Zuckerberg seems to want to take seriously the philosophy of learning missing. Proof of this happened on Friday last when the network engineers decided it would be a good idea to allow application developers from accessing more detailed information of network members. Continue reading Facebook Allows Developers to Request Address Members

Facebook Credits Will be Required in the Network Games

To be released six months ago Facebook Credits was an optional payment system to be used in games, to purchase virtual goods like Farmville Game seeds. With them, developers do not have to spend creating their own systems and would facilitate the lives of users, as all transactions would be made ​​through Facebook itself. But not all developers have adopted the system. And now the social network is going after them. Continue reading Facebook Credits Will be Required in the Network Games

Foursquare Faces Its First Lawsuit for Patent Infringement

An hour extra-judicial notification arrives for any startup – that in the United States for now. Infringement of patents is often the reason given for a startup becomes fearful of having to pay dollars and more dollars to another person or company who has already registered that idea. That’s exactly what Foursquare is living now facing its first complaint of infringing patent others.

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New York Times Begins Charging for Electronic Content

Lovers of good journalism will have, from now on, shell out some caraminguás to access the content of what is considered the most credible newspaper in the world. The New York Times announced on Thursday a model of charging for content that encompasses various devices.

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LinkedIn Claims to Have 3 Million Brazilian Users

Social network dedicated to matters of professional interest, LinkedIn announced on Tuesday that it reached the milestone of 100 million registered users worldwide.”Currently we registered 1 million new users per week, which in practice means that a new record is done per second,” said Jeff Weiner, CEO of social networking site on the company’s blog. Continue reading LinkedIn Claims to Have 3 Million Brazilian Users