Elegant White Shirt with Buttons

The white shirt with buttons can be classic.

We see the white shirt with buttons like a mast-have piece in the wardrobe, since it can be easily combined with everything from jeans to slacks and your favorite skirt.

But did you know that with just a few easy tricks can turn it completely?

Check out vintage button at http://www.internetages.com/category/vintage-buttons/ to make the most of your white shirt with buttons:

Off shoulder

Unbutton your shirt halfway and tighten the collar until it gets on top of your shoulders.


Tie one side

Button your shirt off to your chest. Pull a sleeve through the bust and the sleeve around your shoulder. Tie the two on a node.

For a romantic date

Button up shirt to her chest again. Pull the two sleeves for the people and hold them in a knot.

Turning in skirt

Button your shirt around your waist, pull your sleeves around the hips and tie a knot on the side. Undo one or two buttons until you reach the desired length.

Black Tie Style

Button up white shirt with only one arm in a sleeve.

Get the tie free and pull it around your waist. Lock it in the back with a pin or clip.

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