The Wireless World of Apple

On Wednesday we received all the answers to the questions that we have been making for months. As soon as it completed the presentation of the new iPhone 7, Apple Watch Series 2 and AirPods, the countdown to the next keynote returned to start. It is time to reflect upon the news submitted by Apple, until they flood us with new rumors that it all happened. Continue reading The Wireless World of Apple

The Mother Pass

The most important document in pregnancy

Since 1961, mothers in Germany have been given the so-called maternity leave. This will be issued by the attending physician or the supervising midwife as soon as the pregnancy has been ascertained. The document – which is slightly smaller than the yellow booklet for the U examinations – contains all important facts about the health of the mother as well as the ultrasound controls of the unborn child. In the following, we will take a closer look at the mother’s passport. Continue reading The Mother Pass

We Tried Apple Music on Android: So The First Beta

Finally after a long period of waiting, Apple released its application to gain access to its new music service from Android, Yes, Apple has begun to diversify its market, and for the first time have begun to develop for the mobile platform from Google, where we saw Move to iOS and an app to set up the new speakers of Beats so virtually Apple Music is the third application coming to Google Play Store. Continue reading We Tried Apple Music on Android: So The First Beta

Scenes and Influences of a Camping

Site History: Camping Croa, Jurerê Beach, Florianópolis/SC
Date of the story: Over the course of 20 years.
Submitted by: José Antonio Torelly Campello
In distant decades of 80 and 90 in a camping de Jurerê (Armpit of the Croa, Marina today) we were into our vacation, sometimes followed, every summer. We had almost the 20 m ² reserved in this period. The former owning, carioca, always awaited us with news and one or another improvement deployed between one year and the next. The family at first had a tent for five people, the master bedroom and the children (Fernando, Luciana and Luiza). Later the tents began to increase while the number of people kept the same. At the end of this phase of our holiday magic were pointed out 4 tents side by side with the children, passionate aficionados protagonists, each camped on your. Continue reading Scenes and Influences of a Camping

A Walk to Background for Photos for Mac

The release of iOS 8 and OS X Mavericks last September put in motion a series of expected changes to fix, once for all, the timing of photographs through iCloud mess. “My photos streaming” had the days numbered, thanks to the new ICloud library Finally we start to live the dream of having all our images synchronized between all our devices, without duplicates, without differences, without deleted photos that appear here and there again. Continue reading A Walk to Background for Photos for Mac

Glossary of Fashion: Parts of Denim Jeans

When someone refers to jeans and uses terms such as horse, waistband or pala you’re traveling because you don’t know what these words mean? Well, that’s very understandable, since no one seems to care to explain the meaning of those words even if this helps a lot in understanding the play and even at the time of purchase a denim that fits well. Continue reading Glossary of Fashion: Parts of Denim Jeans

Which Male Bracelets You Would Use In Looks?

Talk TIME, everything okay with you? Friday, that day to relax, right? Nononono, not here, because it has column Debut today on the Blog, eitcha good thing haha I come to present to you the#BatalhaMM Column, which is totally interactive and seeks the participation of you! Yes, to inaugurate we arm a battle between men’s Bracelets? GO! Separated Looks and Suggestions of Bracelets to use with them, you will understand! Bora pro post a vote and choose their favorites.

Continue reading Which Male Bracelets You Would Use In Looks?