Experts Say That Eating Too Much Sex Destroys The Life Partner

It is a fact that film X websites have proliferated exponentially over the last decade. To this day, annual revenues from this industry amounted to the 13,000 million dollars a year, only in the United States. The success of the pornographic content is due to one increasing demand of a public heartened, in many cases, by the easy access to this material through the mobile. To give you an idea of the magnitude of this consumption, channel Pornhub It showed in a market study carried out in 2015 they its users consumed a year around 87.849 pornographic videos, the equivalent to 4.392 million hours of viewing.

But what have the sex online offering increasingly more followers? is it a clear manifesto deficiencies or sexual liberation in its users? And most importantly, is it as harmless as his supporters defend? As well, which many suspect is confirmed by specialists…

The two faces porn

Sexologists and therapists ensure that film X can function as a resource to awaken dormant libido or as a source of inspiration for those couples who have fallen in the sexual monotony; under the precept, that Yes, that both members feel comfortable contemplating contained sexually explicit.

Also, a part of the public ensures search in these films the surprise effect or, simply, a laugh thanks to these (mostly) absurd dialogues and the “strong leadership” of its actors.

Recent psycho-sociological studies about the consumption of pornography, however, claim that this type of material is not as safe as we thought and that, in addition to creating addiction in many of its users, also endangers the life partner.

The theory of supernormal stimuli

Gifted men, women of exceptional ability, intercourse with times of baking as a roast lamb… Finally, with rare exceptions, the pornographic material shows us a version of sex that very little nears reality. According to the experts, try to reproduce these patterns and turn them into a model to be followed can lead to frustration, low self-esteem and sexual dissatisfaction in both members of the couple.

Deirdre Barrett, Professor of psychology at Harvard explained why users who idealize pornography suffer a deterioration in their sexual relationships in real life. This is based on the Ethological theory of the “supernormal stimuli”: stimuli, which modified artificially to be flashy or shocking, cause in the subject a stronger response than is programmed biologically.

For example, the ethologist Tinbergen (1907-1988) found that If he painted blue eggs (most striking), the experimental birds leaving their eggs by the manipulated by it. This ‘effect superestimulo’ extrapolated porn would explain, according to Barret, two patterns of conduct:

One: that porn addicts respond better to an exaggerated erotic image across the screen (by very false to be) real and daily sex couple.

And two: ending long-term those individuals by stop showing interest in having sex and sentimental.

Continued consumption creates stress on the other

Ana J. Bridges, the University of Arkansas psychologist and author of several manuals on social behavior and pornography, says would be the main problem of the consumption of pornography addiction that awakens in some people because of the response of immediate reward that generates both psychological and neurological level (pleasure/endorphins). The film Don Jon (2013), starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Scarlett Johansson, reflects quite well the profile of this type of usuario-adicto sex online.

Although users as Don Jon can show interest to share this hobby with their partners, the psychologist Bridges ensures that you later or early tend to consume it in moments of solitude and secretly. And right there is where the problem lies: that secrecy arouses a sense of betrayal and guilt in themselves and their colleagues. The latter can live it, even as an infidelity in all rule. They feel undervalued.

Under this same Prism, Nathaniel M. Lambert (social psychologist from the University of Utah) revealed in its study on the effects of pornography that, among the surveyed women, those who were aware of their husbands porn consumption accessing watching these movies for a single reason: the fear losing the stability of their relationship. Or by interest in sex or as acts of generosity: because of insecurity.

Sex, lies, video and… loneliness

One of the terrible aftermath of Internet addiction is the fearsome social isolation. And this lack of emotional maturity, the shortage of social skills and personal development. Excessive consumption of sex online, that is usually closely linked to this prostration front screen of a mobile phone or computer (or thus find it Cooper, Griffin-Shelley, Delmonico and Marthy in its clinical guide to ‘Sex and the Internet’, 2001) may also cause and consequence of a solitary life.

On the contrary, the philosopher and writer Alain de Botton It takes an intermediate position in this rant. The founder of the website ‘ Porn as therapy’ considered the beneficial sex to counter loneliness, overcoming fears and frustrations; as long as the wefts are adapted to the reality and the protagonists are “more real” men and women.

In short: cinema X may be the salt and pepper of sexual relations; but like almost everything in this life, the excess could put in danger the relationship as a couple, especially in those with psychological or emotional problems. Imagine what would Don Quijote de la Mancha in times of sex online.


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