Fever Pokemon Go Comes into The World of Dating with The App Pokedates: to Hunt Together Pokemons!

Except that we have spent the last two weeks locked in a remote cave, at some point we will have heard of Pokémon Go. The game has engaged users from around the world and it is almost impossible not to know any of the 30 million players that come out every day hunting for Pokemon. And that is precisely the pull which has tapped a new app to join the Tinder world with the Pokemon world.

Pokedates is the application that aims to match us across the universe created around Pokémon Go. With so many users hooked to the game, it is easy to suppose that, while we’re on the hunt, we will have about a users with similar interests, with whom we could connect. One of the interesting details of the app is that it is developed by Project Fixup, whose method to join couples is different from that follow other similar applications, such as Tinder: do not follow an automatic algorithm, but are real people who are behind the matches between users.

How does Pokedates work?

When checked, as in any other app dating, we will answer a series of questions to make easier the task of finding us a compatible person. When appears, Pokedates will organise us a quote, always in a pokeparada or a Pokemon gym.

Just two bad news: the first, which, for the moment, is only available in United States, Although, if it wins, it will soon expand to other countries. The second, that only the first appointment is free. From this, I have to pay $20 for each attempt.

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