If You Have a Affaire in The Office You Can Shout Relief Up to Five Times (We Have Solutions for Every Occasion)

We spent hours and hours at work giving everything. It is normal that our world will be reduced to this space and the wildlife that inhabits it. Or that demos “more” and obsesionemos us a little with that co-worker who encourages us to view. OK, maybe is one of the reasons why we are going in a good mood office (confesses).

But if you are considering you tempted to go beyond or get the shrimp into the last meeting point for the company, it is better you know what you face and what are the unwritten, super-extra – rules-confidential relationships in the office. Or mess up. Or sigh by some of your heads. Then do not say that you do not we notice it.


It is something that often happens on special occasions Christmas type, type have gotten a fat client or type Friday random: you, he and a lot of “algos” that you were not going to take but that end up doing. And you pushed to finish making others things that you regrets the next day (or before).

That does not panic. Neither of them have fourteen.

If there were a mess and you don’t want the thing to go to more or misunderstandings (in the sense that is created which seemed that it was, but it isn’t really) the most appropriate and what dictates the label unwritten romance in the office is that you talk to that person immediately and clear you the situation:

1) you put not much, the next day is the deadline for clarify the matter.

(2) look him in the eye and say with all the smoothness and clarity that he is a wonderful person, but that everything had been a momentary slip.

(3) don’t let that body language speak for you because sometimes he doesn’t it seems, people does not carry over a dictionary language not Verbal-Castellano up and usually interpret what you want or you just want to interpret.

(4) control their social networks and monitors that does not slip you the language. 24 hours in its Snapchat, life in the office gossip.

(5) and above all, do not tell anyone what has happened or you give wings to everyone so that give more importance than you want to give.


It is not the first time nor will it be the last one that insinuates you someone who you don’t like. But this is not a disco and should be tactfully to reject that colleague that next week you have to introduce a four hundred long slides Powerpoint. They are many hours together so that they become uncomfortable hours.

In this case the unwritten rules of office boil down to one: explain to that partner or co-worker to No sales to anyone of your work environment. No explanations about how much that you’re concerned about your career or the policy on relations between employees of your company.

If you are a normal person (and not a crazy stalker) it will not bother you. Just in case, you do not share with your social networks, do not give him your mobile or your personal email…


There is a myth in the workplace that says something like “never go to bed with a big boss”. And however is some of the most common because few people can resist the explosive cocktail which are the hormonas+poder.

At least once in your life you will be working for someone who you think is an object of desire. Form that has to tell you that you are bright and without you it would not do nothing, the way in which you get nervous whenever you have to present an idea…

The main risk of a relationship with one of your bosses is not jeopardizing your career. The danger is that you’re going to turn into the talk of the office and what your colleagues are thinking. Any movement, ascent, ascent of soil that you deserve,… will be considered as that you’re a plugged in. So the first rule not written and extra-confidencial to meet is to be that: be very extra-confidencial. And the height of discretion.

But there are some other unwritten rules that you should keep in mind:

1) never expect to be more accommodating to your work

(2) prevents full of intentions, the secret gestures looks and any type of flirting in the office. Avoid also insinuate anything on Facebook or upload photos too personal networks. You don’t know if your partners follow you or not and what can be deducted. The discretion should be at all levels.

(3) never say anything about your relationship until there is something really serious to tell: you thus, you are going to live together, etc..

4) if the relationship fails and you decide that you want to follow in your job, the silence is once again the key to survive the situation. Go language may cost your job, the respect of your teammates and respect yourself.


You can pass. Yes, clear why not?

You can not stop thinking about the person you’ve hired and whenever it comes into the office to ask you a questions you want to say more than one thing.

Eye care.

Before you jump to say things which then you can repent values if you respect your employee (and it is more than a piece of meat with eyes) and then put in the situation that you few having an office romance but the thing does not work.

Do you think that that person would be discreet? In this era in which everyone shares absolutely everything?
Do you think you could do him harm?
Can you imagine telling him something similar to your boss or to your boss?

The rule not written in this case is very simple: how the person with more power in this relationship, the responsibility is yours and only yours. So consider well what you do.


You’re not the last or the first person who falls for a coworker. Normal would be to find a partner in the place where we spend more hours?

But as usual does not mean that you don’t have to also follow one series of non written rules if you want the rest of the team respects you and the relationship does not influence your work.

1.) nothing shows in public of your love. It seems very obvious, but it’s easy to not realize that you are calling you “pimpollito” and “Teddy bear” at the meeting. Online shows also feature if you want not to be the object of gossip of all your teammates. Yes, we already know that it costs a lot not to upload photos of that romantic weekend so fantastic, but for your sake.

(2) reach an agreement until things evolve more on how you are going to involve you in the office, who will it have, how are you going to do it… You notice that you are not two protagonists of a series of teenagers and two adults.

(3) don’t confound personal problems and labor problems. This may be the most difficult to follow all standard, but tries to really that problems with your partner does not affect what happens in the office.

(4) long cuidadín with emails and messages in the internal chat of the company that you send. It wouldn’t be the first time that a message lands in the in-tray of Paco, administration, and the thing end up in a lawsuit by harassment at work.

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