Not You, Are All Couples: The House Tasks That We Discuss More

Neither work. And the money. Or sex. The family or the heavy which are your respective mothers and the titles of metomentodos who have won over the last few years. The main reason why you and your partner made more, according to a recent study by the CIS, is the sharing of household chores. You and!up to 20% of the surveyed couples!

And it is that love is difficult, but even worse coexistence and when the passion cools begins to acquire relevance the practical side of things. We will: who cleans what, who down garbage, who irons clothes and above all, who deals with the worst tasks, which does not want anyone to the boring or asquerositas.

The worst tasks, the best generating discussions.

Do the laundry.

A priori does not seem one of the most unpleasant tasks that can be in a home, but do wash is a chore that is so microtasking (wash, tender, bend, drop, and what warmth, Ironing Board).

Oh, and let’s not forget that in addition to heavy is one of the most difficult, because it wouldn’t be the first time nor the last to discutierais because a garment has dyed another color in the washing machine, it has shrunk or it has mysteriously disappeared.

A marronazo, will. Normal is that the domestic task that generates more conflicts in each pair and according to a study carried out by Mr. Jeff, app / laundry home, responsible for of steal about 500 hours a year of rest or time to do what we want and that more and more couples young people decide to hire services such as offering it to avoid pulling tackle leading. According to the study of this company, 15% of clients who hire their service do so to avoid discussions with the partner.


Even though we like Masterchef and cooking programs, having to do it on a daily basis is a roll. And not only prepare food for the family, also have to plan it, buy it… and then pick it up. Mainly is this last point that generates more fights within couples, because “for taste, colors” and hygiene levels that are basic, for one to another, it may be excessive.

Clean the bathroom.

Does not lack that force you to clean it with a toothbrush to hate him or feel something bad you’ve done in this life. Clean the bathroom It is the most unpleasant task of all, that hate more “asquerositos”, but also that more failures put if not clean it to your liking and that becomes more evident much that lack of intimacy of damaging relations.


Said Amy Schummer that IKEA is the Swedish word for “discussion”… Well, we all have an IKEA a week more or less, when it comes time to purchase and discussed for each product that we have to add to cart. The infinite possibilities make a joint decision more complicated to mediate at the UN. Fortunately thanks to internet and online shopping many couples can go shopping without leaving home and arriving at a consensus agreement.

The order.

Ay, ay, ay. There are as many definitions of order as people in this world. Which for some can be a pleasant and enjoyable stay, for others can be a den of perversion in which a bunch of drunk Vikings held a spree. The subjectivity on this point may cause fights on a daily basis and the only solution is reach minimum agreements, practice tolerance and try to respect the space of the other. Difficult, Yes, but not impossible (especially if you close the door of his office and not look at what is happening inside there)

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