This Is What You Happens to Your Brain When You Have an Orgasm

No, it’s nothing exaggerated. Or explosions. Or fireworks. Or another type of dream images. We are talking about the real world and what neuroscientists call the first film which collect the female brain does, experience and recover from an orgasm. Would you like to see it?

Researchers from Rutgers University launched an experiment years ago with one goal: to observe How reacted the brains of women when he was experiencing an orgasm. To achieve this they had to count with the participation of volunteers, made to which stimulated sexually while (what little erotic) a magnetic resonance scanner. The result is this video that we can not see:

It is not the first time that this team of researchers carried out a study focusing on this topic and trying to demonstrate that the most important part of the female orgasm occurs in the brain. To test this theory in 2005 they did a study with five women who were paralyzed from waist down to and with serious problems in the spine. The results were Dr. Barry Komisaruk pick-up the first evidence of that orgasm occurs in the brain.

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