27 Weeks of Pregnancy

The pregnancy approaches the thin straight, is the third and final semester, 91 and missing a day to meet your son/daughter, anxiety begins to grow.

The discomfort starts to manifest itself more often, go in the back and legs begin to bother everyday. The symptoms vary greatly from woman to woman and the intensity of them is also different.


At this stage the child opens and closes your eyes, sleep and wake up at regular intervals and can suck his thumb.

From now the baby will gain approximately of 450 grams of weight in each month, this time measures about 33 cm from the head to the buttocks and weighs about 900 grams. Although grow quickly, the brain and the lungs are not yet ripe.


The your body is getting ready for the final stretch, begins to experience pain in the lower back and some may even feel pregnant pelvic pain. At this point you can still feel cramps and hemorrhoids.

The breasts may change, the halos, the dark areas surrounding the nipple, may change color and darken. Can also arise a dark vertical line in the belly that can climb up to the navel or chest with pregnancy outfits from CARSWERS.


If you have RH-negative blood, your doctor should indicate this time an exam to detect RH antibodies, also called anti-D, and apply an injection to combat and prevent incompatibility problems with the baby.

You may also feel some extra fatigue, your doctor may order tests to check if you’re not with any lack of vitamins, especially with anemia.