3 Tricks To Trollear Your Friends Phone

When I was younger and my friends left me their phone to do anything, I liked to take pictures and put them on wallpaper.

 It was the most”original” way I could come up with a joke or, as it is now called,trolling. Luckily or unfortunately, the world of mobile telephony has advanced a lot and that opens up much more possibilities to us who are a little tease.

In this article we are going to teach you three tricks that everyone can do to trollear the phone of your friends and have a laugh. It’s very simple, and you’ll only need to have access to that smartphone, that is, you can touch it. I have done this more than once with the phone of several friends, and I tell you that at least you have a good time. Let’s go to the mess!

Change All App Icons And Names

Just install Nova Launcher on your friend’s phone, or if you already have it, access its settings. Follow these steps and you can change the icon and name of any application to look like one that is not. You can put Instagram the name and icon of YouTube, WhatsApp that of Google Chrome… if you have the time and you do with the apps you use more you can cause a whole chaos.

But you can go further – and here I speak from the voice of experience. Open Google Chrome, visit any adult videos page, press the options button and give “Add to home screen” . You will see a new icon on the screen with the favicon of the page you have visited. Now change the icon and name to WhatsApp, and let the magic happen. Each time you open WhatsApp, the adult page will open.

Change The Contact Of Your Partner Or Relative To Yours

If your contact has a girlfriend or boyfriend, you can not miss the opportunity to change your contact for yours. That yes, first of all warns your partner and ask permission to spend this joke, because you can mess it up brown if you do without warning anyone. If you have permission from your friend’s partner, then go ahead. If you do not have it, this jest is best completely obviated.

Download the profile image of your partner or ask him to pass it on, and change your contact name on your mobile. That way, when you want to call your girlfriend or talk to him for WhatsApp, he’s actually talking to you, and you can use it to trollear your friend. There you already do what you want, but for what you want, if you see that the thing gets ugly tell it is a joke. If you do not have a girlfriend, try your mother or whoever (always with your permission).

Remove All Apps And App Drawer

Nothing better than to see how your friend changes his face by not seeing his applications or anything on the screen. Install Nova Launcher, delete all screens, remove all gestures, deactivate the dock and hide the navigation and notifications bar. Then lock the phone. When your friend catches it, you will find an empty screen, with no application drawer and no “nothing”.

“Fix” this problem is very simple. Just drag it twice from the top of the screen and access the settings. Go to the applications and uninstall New Launcher. So you will have the screen as you had it before and you will remain as friends as ever.

Do you know another trick to trollear your friends?