5 Tips to Lose Belly After Pregnancy

After the arrival of baby many women want to know how to lose belly after pregnancy. Who follow the doctor’s recommendations and earn maximum 12 kg during the gestation period, no doubt will be able to conquer the smoother belly back easier. However, women who made a little more will have to strive a little more to return to ideal weight and conquer the belly.

But that doesn’t mean that those who ate a bit more than it should during pregnancy needs to get into despair, doing crazy diets and starting a routine of an athlete. At this point you need to take it easy, because slow you can conquer satisfactory results. To conquer the belly fat and smooth again, check out some tips on how to lose belly after pregnancy.

Tips to Lose Belly After Pregnancy

1 – Breastfeed

That’s right, one of the top tips to retrieve the figure after pregnancy is breastfeeding too! That’s because every 3 hours for breastfeeding you can lose about 500 calories per day. This value of calories lost amounts to almost two of walking on the treadmill. In addition, breastfeeding causes the stomach to lose that aspect of pregnancy that continues even after childbirth.

2 – Have a Balanced Diet

To maintain the health of the baby and your too, we must avoid the consumption of industrialized foods and greasy. For this reason, it is necessary to maintain a healthy food even after childbirth. And you can take this moment to lose those extra pounds you gained during the 9 months of pregnancy and retrieve the belly fit.

3 – lymphatic Drainage and Aesthetic Treatments

In addition to maintaining a balanced diet, another important secret to lose belly after pregnancy is betting on lymphatic drainage and other aesthetic treatments. Drainage, for example, is highly recommended after childbirth to reduce fluid retention. But when it is associated with other aesthetic treatments as carboxytherapy, lipocavitação, Russian current and acupuncture you can conquer the belly line easier.

4 – The Workout

If you want to lose belly after pregnancy more easily and quickly you need to bet on any physical activity. However, as the body is more sensitive at that stage, cannot be subjected to heavy class at the beginning. The ideal is to do some physical activity helps improve posture, stretching, and that strengthens the respiratory muscles of the perineum. A good option is to bet on pilates, in walking, dancing or aerobics. However, before any of these activities you need to talk to your doctor.

5 – Attention Respect Your Body!

You can follow all of these recommendations to lose belly after pregnancy by consulting your doctor.However, you need to take it easy in physical exercises, since who underwent a caesarean should wait at least 40 days to begin at physical activities. The women who had natural childbirth can workout with feel comfortable. But even though different recovery time, in both cases it is necessary to start with easy, as there are risks of injury.

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