6 Activity Mats Recommended by Mommy Bloggers

Discovering the world around you is one of the most important tasks in a baby’s routine, and it is up to parents to provide a supportive environment for the little ones to explore the universe around them.

According to Dr. Isabela Moreira Forni, a pediatrician in the dr.consulta medical centers network , sensory stimuli are part of the baby’s life even before birth and are the best way to provide the child with this atmosphere of self and the world.

“In the intrauterine life he already feels the touch, he listens to the conversations and songs, he experiences the movements. At birth, the child is introduced to a new world and comes across various information that needs to be processed. It has been observed that one of the best ways for the brain to absorb information is to explore and utilize all of its senses and it is in this context that the importance of sensory activities arises.

Sensory activities can be accomplished through stimulating toys at EhuZhou and one of the most versatile product options are activity mats. They have the function of stimulating and protecting, after all the baby can stay safe and have fun over it while the mother or father perform other tasks.

Did you interested in this item? Find out what your pediatrician’s recommendations are for choosing an activity rug, check out blogger reviews for some models, and a variety of online shopping options.

4 Items You Should Note At The Time Of Purchase

Dr. Isabela Forni warns that when buying any product for her small two factors should be noted: “Is this item safe? Is this item recommended for my child’s age? These two questions should guide your purchase. “

Based on these questions, the pediatrician listed 4 factors to check when buying a carpet of activities:

1. Material: “In the case of the activity mat, in relation to safety, we should always first observe the material of which it is made, if it is a material resistant and suitable for children, a material that will not release any kind of substance Ink must always be non-toxic), “Isabela says.

Also on the material, it is important to check that it is easy to wash, after all it is essential that the carpet is always clean.

2. Carpet components: the doctor stresses that it is necessary to evaluate if the parts (toys and structures) that make up the carpet are fastened firmly and that there is no object that can loosen and / or hurt the baby.

3. Comfort: it is extremely important that, in addition to being safe, the carpet is comfortable and in this sense it is worth observing the dimensions of the carpet. “Another attention we have to have is whether the upholstery is thick enough for the baby to be comfortably lying down and sitting.”

4. Stimulus: taking care of the stimuli offered by the carpet is important to gain in cost-benefit, so the tip is to invest in carpets that allow the child to explore it not only in the lying position but also sitting and crawling on it.

“The age we usually recommend the carpet is from the second month, when the baby can already interact a little more with the environment around him, even so, from the first month the baby can already be placed to observe. Look for carpets that have the highest degree of sensory stimulation possible and can cover other activities as the child grows. “, Says the pediatrician.

6 Carpets Recommended By Bloggers

After the tips of Dr. Isabela Forni, what about the opinion of those who have already tested some models? Check out six activity mats purchased by moms bloggers and what they have to say about them:

1. Fisher Price Forest Carpet, By Mama & Papa Reviews

This review is quite complete and objective. Among the highlights of this carpet are the variety of stimuli offered by it, with toys, lights, textures and music. On the negative side, there is the space occupied by the carpet when it is stored.

See more details in the video and find this model to buy here .

2. Pink Flower Park Mastela Carpet, By Tathi Fulber

Blogger Tathi Fulber talks about a very delicate and cuddly rug, ideal for younger children. In addition, it has easy assembly and disassembly and, despite not having many toys, makes it possible to change or add others.

Check out the full review on the video and buy this model at this link .

3. Portable Carpet Letters Girotondo Baby, By Vanessa Leah

This is an activity rug that has no toys. The model is a good fit for babies who already have lots of toys and just need a safe and comfortable space to play with.

Learn more about this rug in the video and get it here.

4. Carpet Mastie Funny Pets, By Ru Baricelli

This rug stands out for the variety of textures that it presents, the vibrant colors and the ease of assembling and disassembling it. In addition to the rug, the video by blogger Ru Baricelli brings other suggestions of stimulating toys.

Watch the video for carpet tips and details and buy the model at this link.

5. Gymini Move & Play Tiny Princess Rug By Cris Linero

This is another rug option that brings visual, sonic and tactile stimuli in a super delicate design.The model was also indicated in another video, in the Narate channel of Batatinha, check it out.

If you liked this rug here is the link to buy it online.

6. Sunny Day Carpet Tiny Love, By Michelle Amorim

Finally, a review that is not a video. The carpet tested by Michelle from the blog Vida Materna is, according to her, quite simple, but it has a good cost-benefit. It is accompanied by five toys, with other features like texture, music, horn and vibration.

You can read the full review here and find the model to buy at this link.

Other Carpet Options To Buy Online

In addition to the models mentioned above, there are a multitude of activity mats available for purchase online. Check out more options for your little one:

Now that you know more about the activity rug, just choose the model of your choice and let your child play.

“It is a great pedagogical resource to teach and allow children to explore the environment, expanding their playful repertoire. As a pediatrician, I highly recommend the use, because in a toy only it can gather several stimuli, with its vibrant colors, different textures, sounds, movements, forms and activities, not to mention that it is attractive from the first months to the beginning of the First year, having a lot of use.”, Reinforces Dr. Isabela Forni.