7 Most Common Mistakes of Makeup to Make Outlined Kitten

The outlined kitten, darling of the makeup lovers, has never been so desired as it has been in recent times. Most of the makeup of the eyes more inspiring, the outlined is present, but just frustrating some vain who can’t play the stroke. The good news is that this problem has a solution, simply avoid some mistakes in time to play the makeup. Continue reading and discover the 7 mistakes that you outlined perfect kitten!

1-Pull the eyes in time to draw the line

This is a big mistake that many women reproduce thinking that will facilitate the tracing. But, what happens is that when the skin is pulled, the person has the delusional result of precision, that some when the skin back into place. To make the designed get well, you need to leave the skin intact eyes. “When you pull, and then let your eye, he returns to normal along with your outlined. This can create irregularities in the texture, leaving the shaky stroke, “says makeup artist Lijha Stewart, in an interview with Glamour magazine.

2-Use the wrong formula eyeliner

For those who still have difficulties in time to make outlined, some formulas should earn the most attention. This is due to the fact that liquid or gel eyeliners dries very quickly, making it impossible for them to be smoked or making it difficult to trace correction for who is starting. “A long-term or waterproof pencil will assure you a little more time for merging, and then remain fixed without tarnishing or blurring during the day”, recommends the makeup artist Fiona Stiles celebrities at Ezhoushan.

3-there is a format of eyeliner ideal for every need

For every level of ability in the question outlined, there is an ideal product. For those who do not bear practical and hands firmly planted, the eyeliner pen with the beveled edge is most recommended. For work as a sort of stamp on the eyelid, it facilitates the trace of who is not expert in the subject. Already for the more savvy, the eyeliner pen with fine point or the liquid are the best options. To be more accurate and faster, these products are the perfect choices in the hands of experts.

4-Dark only the area below the eyes

Is a mistake to think that be dark only the root of the eyelashes below produces a positive effect to the eyes. Contrary to popular belief, doing that leaves the droopy eyes look tired, melting during the day and intensifying the dreaded dark circles. “Invest in a delineated on the eyelid also for a rested and youthful effect”, indicates Stiles to Glamour.

5-Close the eyes while the outlined kitten

One of the most discouraging when you’re doing the outlined is to realize, finally, that one is different from another. To avoid this, the ideal is to draw the outlined with your eyes open. “When the eye is closed, you can’t see the final part of the curvature of the eyelash line, which must be followed when making the stroke,”says Stewart.

6-Use black eyeliner on waterline

Despite being something ideal to make dramatic and deep eyes, dark water line the eyes makes them appear less expressive. “I love a dramatic look, but outlined in black water line can make your eyes look smaller,” says Stiles. Instead, the makeup artist suggests smoother, colors like bronze and gray.

7-speed up the process when you’re doing the outlined

All women understand that from time to time it is necessary to expedite the process of makeup not to delay, however, if the intention is to leave the House with a designed perfect kitten, is it worth to dedicate a little more time. Stewart suggests tilt your head a little bit back and look in the mirror with your eyes open, to give a total view of the eyelid and keep the lashes out of the way. Finally, it indicates comb the lashes slightly down and begin the outlined, following up the point where you want to stop. For a thicker, do traits outlined above until you reach the desired volume.