8 Asphalt Warms Up and Is Seen for The First Time on Video

Among such novelty on the hardware side, we are going to give a break to watch some games and applications, since without them the first would not have much prominence. The case Meanwhile Xperia Z, Huawei Ascend Mate and Shield Project touches us see Gameloft updates.

Today, the company introduced the first video of development with the new one of the franchises that better has worked it in recent years: Asphalt 8. Perfect to go and see how we can take advantage of the Tegra 4 and company.

In this video we see hand of the developers of the game how this 8 Asphalt has been rewritten and has nothing to do with what we saw in Asphalt 7: the collision system, has been improved to make it more realistic, and added more details to the modeled as well as the lights.

The video, you have it at the end, it gives us some tracks of what we will see in our mobile or tablet when the game. Although not mentioned in the video, it seems that there will be multiplayer mode but for that we have to wait a bit yet, perhaps in the following video which publish Gameloft.

At the moment the game has no release date but should not take a long time to get to Android. It will be interesting to see if, with the new generation of processors, they come optimized versions of the game to get the most out.