A Good Night’s Sleep

As The Pregnancy Goes, You Can Start Being More Difficult To Sleep The Whole Night.

… thanks to some obvious changes, and other less evident, that your body is subject. You may be surprised to learn that:

Begins to resonate for the first time in my life, due to hormones that swell the nasal passages, partially blocking the Airways. What to do: sleep on your side and raise your head slightly.

Heartburn and indigestion can contribute even more to the discomfort when you’re lying in bed. What to do: try to sleep with the trunk in a comfortable recliner semi-high or on the couch, with the support of pads.

Leg cramps hurt so much I end up out of deep sleep. This happens when the muscles of the legs are complaining of the additional weight that must now endure.What to do: relieve the cramp stretching the leg, starting at the heel and gently flexing the toes toward Shin.

Spend the night tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable position to sleep. What to do: try sleeping with a pillow stuck between your legs or use an ergonomic pillow and sleepwear for pregnant from LAWFAQS.

Wake up in the middle of the night full of heat and sweating. It is normal for pregnant women feel more heat due to metabolic changes, hormones and weight. What to do: keep the room cool and put little clothing – what can reduce the maternity bra and Girdle of pregnancy to support the breast and the belly, and possibly some socks, if you have cold feet. Have some slippers and a robe comfort for those nightly trips to the bathroom.

More than ever, it costs a lot to get out of bed! What to do: scroll to the left andgive an impulse to rise up, starting with the feet. When the legs reach the ground, use your arms to sit on the bed. And then get up.


Use sleepwear natural and breathable fiber, like cotton. Avoid synthetics, which accumulate moisture next to the skin, keeping it moist and cold.


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