A Guide to Men’s Shoes

You are a follower of fashion in men? Then you must know that shoes play a very important role in an outfit. They can spoil or sublimate your Overall, give your class or casual … In short, the cities of shoes influence on all of your clothes.

A thin sole and with beautiful curves

The thickness of the sole is the first point that you need to consider when you choose your shoes. Since you’re in town, useless to high protection shoes via paradisdachat.

The shoes with soles that are too thick are not recommended because they are less stable and weigh down the silhouette. To develop, revitalize or lengthen its appearance, opt for a pair of slender-toed shoes.

The line of the boot is as important as the sole. To give an impression of dynamism, finesse and elegance, flee to the possible shoes having a flat line.

Several sites offer excellent models suitable for the city. With codes Clarks, you can buy quality shoes at discount prices. In addition, delivery and returns are free.


Avoid wrinkled effects rather vulgar about shoes. What you need is a good pair in shiny leather.

Shoes leather, is the elegance in its purest form. This type of footwear is not only very strong, timeless and aesthetic, but also very comfortable for your feet.

Since the expansion of Chinese products, find a nice pair of real leather is a challenge. Although a model you want, how you ensure quality?

It’s simple, good leather should not be too smooth. The presence of veins effect is a sign of low resistance and if a folds appear at the first fitting, save yourself!

Mix the materials is also a trend that does not weaken for a few seasons already. The hottest topics now alongside the finest for you a look that is both casual and chic.

The Colour

Matching colors is a dangerous play. One wrong accessory granted and it turns ridiculous. So to avoid such inconvenience, choose a color mat like black, brown or anthracite. You will be amazed by their versatility. For a better look, put your shoes in value by combining them with other leather accessories such as a belt, briefcase or bracelet.


To be sure that the shoe is the right size, it is easy. First, it must be easy to put on. Make sure your foot is held securely in the shoe and check that there is no friction. When the foot is in the shoe, push it forward. To ensure it is the right size, you have to push your finger between the heel and the shoe. When the finger is in, make sure that it can enter or out easily without leaving space between the heel, finger and shoes.

The price

For a great pair of designer shoes, expect to pay between 100 and 600 €. If you are in search of good plans, by cons, promotions Asos are available on the site throughout the year. When shopping, look for shoes city of Italian or French brand, they are the best in this area.


  • # 1 The pair of moccasins: Every man should have at least a pair of moccasins in her dressing room. The Spanish model is chosen brown leather available on Sarenza to wear in pure dandy style.
  • # 2  The oxfords: also are back on center stage. To avoid too much vintage look, gray leather brogues from Clarks are perfect with blue pants and a vest petroleum long-sleeved yellow mustard. If you like classic and elegant shoes, go for a pair of Derby’s patent leather. To avoid too strict side, we chose the unconventional Asos. Why not try the reasons for originality?
  • # 3  The pair of boots is timeless. Sarenza many benefits will be offered, so do not hesitate to order their Goby Top pair. With its small antique effect, it will do wonders associated with a well-cut jeans.
  • The sneakers # 4: Have the class is also indulge in all the clothing styles without overdoing it. For sport side in town, nothing like sneakers. You will find Sarenza perfect balance between leather and fabric for a chic and casual look.