A New Nvidia Portable Shield Appears in GFXBench without Its Chipset Tegra X 1

NVIDIA has not had much success with its Tegra chipset, although in reality the power of its solutions is beyond doubt in the graphical part, to which hardware manufacturer takes advantage with its Tegra zone suite for video games.

In addition, the Nvidia Shield range continues to grow with mobile devices oriented to the ‘gaming’, with a console 4K with Android that should reach the market imminently, a new Tablet and handheld console that are in the oven for this year.

The database of the application of testing GFXBench is that have provided us data about the new Nvidia Shield Portable, a device which we have already seen in some international certifiers and that according to the benchmark is animated by a chipset with Cortex-A57 2 GHz quad-core processor, although You should really mount a Tegra X chipset 1 more powerful yet unpublished at the moment.

The new Nvidia Portable Shield that has been leaked has with Android 5.1, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage internal, with a front camera of 0.3 megapixels and display of 7.8 inches with resolution FullHD 1. 080p, marked by GFXBench non-touch – thing that certainly makes us doubt the display data -.

As it has been rumored, the RAM should be of type LPDDR4, and the device should be having LTE, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

It is difficult to know the name to be adopted upon arrival at the market, expected for the E3 in Los Angeles in mid-June, and form factor of handheld console which, however, is closer to the concept of the Shield Tablet to offer a hybrid between both ideas.