Accessories for The Samsung Galaxy SII and Their Final Prices

If growing the new Samsung Galaxy S2 fever have not you succumb and buy it already, the almost immediate availability of accessories Perhaps the final push, and is that Expansys has already created a list of accessories for the Samsung Galaxy SII with availability as of June 1 for our country.

This list also specifies the final prices, that I had come there by March in an article in which were taught also some accessories that we know today definitely.

Desktop dock

It’s a Classic desk base that keeps the terminal in vertical position, with the microUSB/MHL connector located at the bottom of the attachment table. This dock can also be positioned horizontally and offers a connector Jack 3.5 mm headphone.

Price: €52.99

Charger extra battery and dock of terminal Board

This interesting desktop charger has as main characteristic that It allows you to charge an extra battery that serves as the basis for desktop for terminal. It does not offer any connector microUSB in the bottom and not allow horizontal position.

This attachment was included in series with the terminal in South Korea, in addition to an additional battery. In our country will sell separately to the terminal, and without the inclusion of the extra battery.

Price: €18.99

Adapter MHL microUSB/microHDMI

This adapter, unfortunately, is in the standard package of the terminal and we have to buy it separately. It is an indispensable accessory that It will become a port microHDMI microUSB port for the output of multimedia content to a monitor or external TV using the MHL technology.

It is not known if the cable will also allow freight terminal, although it should be possible. The price seems rather high for an accessory that we believe that it should come from series.

Price: €31.99

Multimedia desktop speaker station

This desktop dock will allow amplify the sound Thanks to the speakers built into the sides of the attachment. Base MHL connector used to spread the sound through the speakers, and has no internal battery, so I take advantage of the battery terminal for self-nourish. It has not spread if there will be output for simultaneous charging of the terminal.

Price: €51.99

USB Host Adapter

This is also one of the most useful and expected accessories since adapt the microUSB port Samsung Galaxy SII for use as USB host. This means that you can connect any external to our device memory or other type of USB devices, although at the moment not known type of devices will be compatible.

Price: €17.99

Pack of extension of battery (1300 mAh)

This accessory is a “ jacket ” which will allow considerably increase the autonomy of your Galaxy SII. It’s one housing with an extra battery from 1300mAh that raises the total capacity 1650 mAh battery that brings the series to 2950 mAh battery. Accessory covers the phone completely and, obviously, alters the outside line growing in size Terminal.

Price: € 73.99

UPDATE: The additional battery charger does not include any microUSB port, but it only charges the battery extra and works as a support of the terminal without loading it. We’ve updated this data according to the same attachment included in Korea, and that does not load both things simultaneously.