ACEL LED Lighting

Located in the region of Namur, ACEL Sprl is a company specialized in the provision of lighting LED to the professionals. The company works with architects, contractors, developers, electricians and installers, to provide a quality LED installation for professional buildings, factories, companies, schools or other public buildings.

If the LED lights are more and more popular in order to illuminate its interior, there are also a wide range of products led to outside. These allow to perfectly illuminate a supermarket or hospital, an outdoor access area parking, but also parks and public gardens, sitting areas…

Our products for technical Led outdoor light fixture

See below the list of products that Acel offers.


Robust projector, to the modern line, for the lighting of outdoor areas, field sports, parking area, industry…

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Projector LED 50W versatile and elegant.

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LED floodlight versatile and effective, 32W to 128W with accessories for placement at the end of the mast.

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Compact projector for lamps (E27, G12, and RX7S) HIT and HST (RX7S and E27) up to 150W

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Projector IP66 for Sodium or Metal Halide E40 250W & 400W lamps.

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Resistant and a crepuscular lighting system with outdoor LED spots

ACEL BVBA offers a wide range of outdoor LED products as the spotlights, spots, recessed into the ground… Of course, in order to be installed outdoors, it is important that these lamps and LED luminaires are robust and resistant. They have an protective aluminum injected and a protective glass screen and hermetic.

This box allows them to resist the rain, wind and temperature changes that we know well in Belgium.

Outdoor LED projectors can have a motion detection and crepuscular lightingsystem. This technology allows to automatically and intelligently regulate the intensity of the light depending on the weather conditions.

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It is with great pleasure that our team is available to advise you the best. Contact us for all questions about our range of outdoor LED. We will be happy to study your project lighting and you advise the spotlight or lights the most suitable Outdoor LED.

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