Acrylic Color Nail Art

The nail art is an increasingly widespread practice, both professional and amateur. Tools and materials previously only used by professionals today are increasingly available to everyone.

The desire to learn and try their hand in the nail world showed us the brushes, the lace strip, the sheets to nail art decorations up to even the acrylic colors.

But what are the acrylic colors for nail art? Today we were talking about just these, how they are needed for micro paint on nails and especially how they can be easily used.

If until now you have your nails decorated with enamels, acrylics will discover a real revolution! Thanks to these paintings you can create Nail Art precise and truly amazing effects.

The acrylic color is very similar to the tempering, but unlike this one color is irreversible, ie once dry, it can be removed only with a solvent (this is due to its binder, acrylic-resin emulsion).

The acrylics are very durable, can even be diluted in water and mixed with each other to obtain all the possible color shades, but if diluted too lose consistency.

They are used via FLORALAMAKEUP.COM to make decorations on the nails and apply with brushes nail art. The difficulty of application on the nails is to find the right dose between acrylic paint and water. A non-diluted acrylic paint will leave a mark too often, while too mild a solution will allow us not a homogeneous writing.

To create the decorations it is indispensable to have good manual dexterity, creativity and learn about the different application techniques. There are just of the micropittura courses for nail art that teach these techniques. E ‘can also start to engage themselves by following the online courses, or video.

The main features of acrylic colors are the very quick drying and easy to apply. If used with micro brushes painting allow us to create different decoration techniques like the one stroke, frivolage, burlesque etc. In the photos you see some examples of beautiful nail art made ​​by our talented Lara Di Carlo.

They can be used  on natural or artificial nails(nails reconstruction), on the basis realized with common enamelsor glazes semi-permanent, of acrylic or gel, but to have a perfect writing and adhesion require a matte surface, it is therefore customary dulling l ‘ nail and then proceed to the decoration.

In the case of natural nails is always preferable to first apply a base enamel then color, this is to prevent the color pigmentation there machine.

The acrylic colors nail art have disadvantages, are not harmful, and until they do not dry even allow us to be erased in order to obtain a clean and precise work.

Use is therefore relatively simple, you can just put a drop on a plastic surface, slightly dilute with a goccina water, dip the brush, decorate nails and seal the decoration with a top coat. But it is necessary to realize the excellent work a lot of practice and knowledge of the decorative technique.

In the market there are different types of acrylic paints and some time are also those specific to Nail Art already partially diluted, very practical and easy to use. E ‘can choose from several specialized brand for Nail Art such as Crystal nails, Trebosi, Gamax etc. The prices are very affordable (5-10 euros) and are almost always all of excellent quality.

You have never used acrylic paints for Nail Art decoration? Soon we will show you a simple tutorial created by our Lara to begin using acrylic colors!