Activities to Do on Easter: Suggestions for Must-See

The next school holidays are just around the corner and, consequently, there are several activities to do on Easter. In addition to being a great help to the parents, who often have no where to leave the children, it is a joy to be huge for the younger ones that you can meet new people and learn things of your interest.

Activities to Do on Easter

This is a great time to schedule activities to do on Easter. It is only to occupy the vacation period of the children or to better enjoy the family time, there are plenty of suggestions to take good advantage of these rest days, because the good weather seems to give an air of his grace.

Spring has arrived, the days become longer, the weather gets better: they are thus, the conditions for programming the most fun activities to do on Easter. Whether outdoors or in museums, or atelier, only require two things: fun and play.

To help you find activities to do at Easter, we’ve put together some suggestions to occupy the free time.


There is no possibility for the parents to enjoy a holiday period of Easter with the children, enrollment initiatives, training and dynamic workshops can be a good alternative. Here are some suggestions for all tastes.


A cultural program is always an excellent option for any time of the year, mainly on holiday, in which small children are receptive to all activities and need to have fun.

  • Museums in Porto

If you’re by the Harbour, why not visit the Serralves Museum? “Holiday in Serralves” is a program of workshops for children and young people from 4 to 12 years of age.

The goal is to give them the opportunity to explore the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Park and the Quinta de Serralves, through activities that value the curiosity and the creativity, the experimentation and the experience in the group.

You can choose, still, by getting to know the Museum of Transport and Communications, and enter into the true spirit of Easter, where several eggs will be scattered by the building of the Customs, including in the exhibit to “COMMUNICATE”.

  • Museums in Lisbon

For Lisbon, do not miss the Coach Museum, which displays a collection unique in the world of vehicles, gala and tour of the centuries XVI to XIX. in addition, the Museum holds a collection of parts that were used in the service of the vehicles and the parades, gala and other, linked to the art of chivalry and equestrian games, as well as a collection of portraits of the Portuguese Royal Family.

You can also enroll your children in ATL’s Easter Children’s Museum, where you can explore the values of Passover, with several fun activities, like a movie with popcorn, workshop of arts, disco, and traditional games, cooking class, treasure hunt and much more.


The love for nature and the animal kingdom will be delighted with all the species they will find and are sure to have a great time! At various points in the country is activities especially designed in children to the occupation of the free time in the Easter holidays.

There are several natural parks and zoos as is the case in the Biological Park of Gaia and Zoo Santo Inacio who organize activities and workshops for your child to fill up the best way your Easter holidays and is in full harmony with the nature.

Our advice? Search for parks near your area of residence and inform yourself about the activities you have planned this Easter.


Riding the cable car is always an activity beloved by all. Enjoy a day of sun and make this trip. It will not be difficult to find a chair in any area of the country. Have fun!


The public gardens are, as a rule, free to access. So, why not take advantage of the nice weather, take in lunch and enjoy a picnic in one of the squares most beautiful in your area? In the end, you can organise a hunt for the egg and the winner gets a delicious dessert!


From 26 to 29 march, the Institute of the Arts and of the Picture takes out the IV edition of the Holiday with art, with artistic workshops in drawing, photography, video, 3d animation, ceramics and much more. Various activities for children and teenagers from 6 to 18 years.


Easter holidays do not need to be passed in front of the tv or playing Playstation. Accept the proposal that the Lisboa Camping offers from 26 march to 06 April: numerous outdoor activities, workshops and games, always supervised by monitors accredited.


The Bibliocarro of the Municipal Library Almeida Garrett will tell stories from the 03 to the 06 of April by the city of Porto and you will still have to have two recycling workshops, where participants are challenged to create their own toy by access to different types of materials and media.


The KidZania prepares for the occasion to receive the families with a programme of activities related with the theme of Easter and the arrival of Spring.

The theme is “Explorers in KidZania” and all the days will take place a lively Game of Easter, which will put face to face two teams of children and adults in the conquest of colorful Easter Eggs, with prizes for all.


From the 26th to the 29th of march is the week of Easter vacation in Vitamimos, with the goal of getting kids to learn how to make healthy recipes, playing in the park, contact the garden of the Eco-Chefs and much more.

The target audience for this initiative is children from 5 to 12 years, which aims at the development of initiatives of prevention of obesity in children and youth, and promotion of healthy life styles.


Why not bring the children of science? This is the proposal of the Workshop of the Science of Sintra, where, during nine days, there will be many scientific activities, from geology to astronomy, passing by biology and simple physical activity. Take the opportunity to provide their children a school holiday very dynamic, from march 26 to April 6.


Listen, sing, touch and try on the different aspects that music can provide is something that the younger ones will love. Thus, the Conservatoire de Sintra, presents the program Holiday with Music, for children from 3 to 5 years, on 26 and 28 march, at 17.45 h.


The objective of this workshop is to develop skills associated with the various fields of the performing arts, namely: interpretation, dramaturgy, creative, dance, voice, and body. And, at the end of the learning in this short course taught by producer Tent, the trainees will present a performance to family and friends, to show all that you have learned.


The family moments are important to also develop joint activities that help to create many fun moments. Here are some suggestions.


Take the opportunity to develop the skills of mental and cultural rights of the most small, or even of most adults. You can ask questions about the Easter story and reward the winners with chocolate eggs. In addition to being a great way to make everyone understand the significance of this date, will be assured of moments, many sweet-toothed.


This is a re-creation of the secret friend, a joke traditionally made at Christmas.

For Easter the process is similar: each participant must take out a paper with the name of another person and make the exchange of chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday. And you can even customize the eggs according to the personality or tastes of the person who will receive.


Who does not recall the race of the eggs in the intervals of the primary school? The game is simple: each participant must have a spoon and an egg. Should be chosen a starting point and an ending point.

The goal is to make the participants walk from one point to the other with the spoon in her mouth and the egg on the spoon. Those who reach the target without breaking the egg, wins the game!


The ideal is to begin by baking a few eggs, to avoid that eventually break. After, and without removing the shell, customize them as more like it, with the use of paints, shiny, stickers… Your imagination is the limit!


Make two marks with a chalk on the floor, setting a point of departure and another of arrival. After the signal, all participants must jump like a rabbit until you get to the mark made. The first to arrive is the rabbit champion for this Easter.


And the eggs come from where? Of chickens, of course – although this time the Easter bunny like to give a help in the task of distribution of the eggs. And, to prepare the chickens in the best way, you will need to:

  • Boxes of eggs, and with each box, you can do three chickens;
  • 1 A4 sheet of cardstock red;
  • 1 A4 sheet of cardstock yellow;
  • White acrylic paint;
  • Acrylic paint yellow;
  • 1 brush;
  • The eyes of dolls or buttons;
  • Hot glue;
  • White feathers small;
  • Wooden sticks, that they use to prepare meat.
  • Then just mount the chickens:
  • Cut out the boxes of eggs in the middle, so getting to a support for the laying of the egg and the part that holds the egg (respectively the body and the head of the chicken), paint white and leave to dry;
  • On the paper a red draw a crest and a heart and cut then;
  • Paste with hot glue the crest on the top of the head;
  • Paste the eyes a little below the crest;
  • Draw a beak on the paper a yellow-and-paste in the right place;
  • Below the beak necklace the red heart, but inverted.
  • Cut the sticks in the middle, to make the paws, and paint with the yellow paint and put in the place of the legs;
  • Use two feathers to paste on the place where should be the wings;
  • Now that the chicken is mounted, you can fill the empty hole with chocolate eggs.

Have fun with all these activities to do on Easter, and be happy with your family!