Advantages of LED Lighting

Lighting outside, or even public, watch over us when our steps lead us to cross a park or a parking lot. It highlights the urban heritage, whether architectural or religious. It guides on the roads and we helps us anticipate obstacles. Public lighting is essential.

Eclairage urbain LEDIt is however very disparaged, given spending it generates, and its energy-intensive character. It is well known, the Belgium is very (too) well lit in its urban and road areas.

Most of our roads were recently lit by incandescent lamps or lamps to metal halide, with a whiter light. The high pressure mercury vapour lamps, present since the 60s, are prohibited from 2015 by Europe.

Time being the replacement of these light sources, LEDs for street lighting is an essential alternative technology, offering both public security, highlighted aesthetics, energy savings, and respect for the environment.

The advantages of LED lighting in urban areas

The characteristics of the lamps and fixtures LED (light emitting diodes) make them very advantageous for the modernization of the lighting of streets and car parks :

Energy savings made thanks to the LEDs themselves, based on CRAFTINLEARNING. Much less energy, the LED represents a certain investment in installation, however amortized in just 5 years.

The life of the LED for outdoor lighting varies the relevant luminaire of 50 000 to 100 000 hours. It requires little maintenance for his replacement. This represents a gain of time and indisputable money in view of the size of territory that have to manage the municipal or provincial authorities ;

The degree of tightness of the lights and LED spotlights makes them particularly resistant to rain and temperature changes;

LED technology has high vibration and shock resistance, and thus to the winds;

The lighting level allows observations of the sky of best quality amateur astronomers.

A few LED products for urban lighting

Custodians of the Arcluce, the ACEL SPRL brand offers its Luniorange. All devices in the collection are made in die-cast aluminium. They are highly resistant to corrosion and atmospheric conditions. The diffuser and closure are in tempered glass for better resistance to thermal shock. The external screws are in stainless steel.

Lunio, Lunio 7 and Lunio Street are of elegant lighting poles for urban furnishing and technical lighting performance remarkable. Electrical power is directly cut at the opening of the mechanism. Light dissemination 118 lumen/Watt, is 4000K. They are listed in the lighting of paths, parks, public gardens and various external spaces.

Quadrio 180, due to its elegant design, is ideal for lighting at the level of the ground and decorative way the squares, gardens and pedestrian streets. Its light is either broadcast behind a frosted screen is hidden in the head (reflector) to be oriented towards the area to illuminate.

Ellis 1 and 2 : wall unit or amount single or double with a reflector. Wall version, this fixture is ideal to illuminate the facades of buildings public, religious or monuments.

Acel offers many other solutions to lighting for businesses and entrepreneurs, poles for car parks and access lighting or projectors and outdoor LED luminaires.

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