Alcatel OneTouch Watch

After the flurry of smart watches between major manufacturers last year, less glamorous names begin to reach the segment. And to offer good options without making the pocket bleed.

One of them is Alcatel OneTouch Watch, the company’s first watch, launched at CES, one of the largest electronics fairs in the world.On a quick test, he was pleased.

The look is round, similar to the Moto 360, and the dimensions, small, thanks to a screen with 1.22 inches in diameter. On the arm, it looks more like a real watch than a “Power Rangers” device, as with models from Samsung and Asus.

The bracelet of the model tested was plastic. There will be three available: two of plastic with sportsmanship (one of them more feminine) and one with metallic bracelet.

In the bracelet, there is also a USB connection to charge the battery – which according to the representative of the company in the booth lasts between two and five days. It is speculated, for example, that Apple Watch needs to be loaded daily.

In the software, it uses its own operating system and connects via Bluetooth with both Android (4.3 or later) and iOS (from 7).

It has only 12 embedded apps, all pretty basic, like “pedometer”, “alarm” and “music”. The best of all is the notifications, which tells you what happens on your smartphone, such as calls, messages and posts on social networks. Other apps can not be installed.

In the quick test of the report, he gave some choking on the transition of apps and the movement of the screen.

The interface is colorful and allows for various forms of customization, including determining photos for the background. One of the interesting solutions is the “home” button. The manufacturer kept the numbers 3, 6, 9 and 12 on the glass as if it were a watch.The 6 is the home button.

The OneTouch arrives in March in the US for $ 150, a price that can guarantee a good space for Alcatel in the market. This may be the first smart watch of many people.And the value is compatible with what it offers.