Alex Rodrigo Dias da Costa

Alex is the name of the football originating in Brazil Alex Rodrigo Dias da Costa. The Brazilian footballer has in his career, nine times champion became with three different clubs in three different countries. Position for the Brazilian defender is.


Alex Rodrigo Dias da Costa is the full name of the football players who come from Brazil Alex. Alex was born 17 June 1982 in the city of Niteroi in Brazil. The position of the Brazilian defender and his shirt number at Chelsea’s 33. Alex started his professional football career in 2002 with the club Santos in Brazil. Alex rechtsbenig and almost two meters long. His nickname is also known as “The Tank”.
Alex began his career with Brazilian club Santos, where he played for three years. After these three years, Alex has reported that Chelsea wanted him. But this did not come to Alex could not get a work permit to play football for Chelsea. That’s why Alex played under leases for PSV. In 2003, Alex made his debut for the Brazilian National Eftal.Alex was in the 2004/2005 season champion in the Netherlands with PSV and won the season even KNVB Cup. This season PSV won the semi-finals of the Champions League. The second season Alex was again champion with PSV in the Netherlands. The last season that Alex for PSV, he was the third consecutive champion in the Netherlands. At the beginning of the 2007/2008 season, Alex told me that he could get a work permit and that he could start the season at Chelsea. Alex made at the beginning of the season, his first goal for Chelsea. Chelsea finite this season in second place. The second season Alex Chelsea won the FA Cup. Chelsea finished the season in third place. The third season, Alex played his first match just before the winter break. In March 2010, Alex scored his first goal of the season. Chelsea was the 2009/2010 season, a good year and was champion of England. The fourth season as Alex played at Chelsea he was the number one choice of the coach at center-back. He made this season a total of two times. Chelsea finished the season in second place.