An Employee of Google Includes The Version Key Lime Pie in a Drawing on The Evolution of Android

There is still no official confirmation of which will be the name of the next version of Android. Rumors suggest that is called Key Lime Pie (cake of lima) and it seems that Manu Cornet, an employee of Google, says the same thing, since he has published on Google + a drawing on the evolution of Android and includes the next version.

In your drawing we see as Android mascot has been improving with each new version of Android, going through a State of weakness to be strong in Ice Cream Sandwich and happy from Jelly Bean, which comes to reflect the maturity of the operating system.

Still we can no longer take for confirmed that Key Lime Pie is the official name of the successor of Jelly Bean, since the same Manu Cornet has confirmed that he did the drawing for simple fun, that there is no take it as confirmation but much attention that a Google employee are encouraged to feed the rumors with a drawing and that Jean-Baptiste Queru leading the Android project, you liked the drawing.