Android 2.3 Gingerbread Officially Becomes The HTC Desire HD and Incredible S

We already know for a long time that one of the biggest problems of Android is the fragmentation. The first question that a buyer is looking at an Android device is:?Till when the manufacturer will give me support and upgrades?

As well, good news here come from the support page of HTC, Since it seems that the official update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread is ready and it is already being sent via OTA (Over The Air) phones HTC Desire HD y HTC Incredible S.

With these updates is expected improvements the speed of the interface, autonomy and the text input, in addition to the inclusion of “copy and paste” method touch of Gingerbread.

HTC seems to want to take a step forward taking care of their customers with updates, especially after the break imposed by Google, one of the main rivals, as it is the Galaxy S. HTC recommend to download the update via WiFi Once the ad appears in the notifications, since the download is quite heavy.

On the other hand, users of phones like the HTC Desire best seller or the latest HTC Desire Z, will have that wait a little more to receive the above update. We are happy to know that HTC is willing to take care of the support with their terminals, but it is always the question of knowledge until last stand, knowing that the manufacturers are designing new models.