Android Tablet with Pen Input and Triple-Sim-Phablet

Acer’s new Iconia tablet can be operated with any items as a set of donors. The Phablet liquid X 2 three SIM cards at the same time holds up.

Acer has also new tablets in the program. According to cellphoneexplorer, the Iconia tab 10 (10.1 inches) and the Iconia one 8 (8-inch) can be operated with a finger: the touch screens take input, as long as the tip has at least 2 mm diameter. Acer calls this feature precision plus, is thus not only on the market: Lenovo had earlier this year already similar presents; There is the technique of AnyPen. Baytrail-generation-Atom processors and not the previously announced sequel to Cherrytrail work in two Acer tablets.

The Iconia tab 10 (A3-A30) has seven hours of runtime, as well as a full HD screen and should be sturdy enough for daily use in educational institutions. It comes in may from 300 euros with 16 GB Flash memory in the trade, charges are built up to 64 GB memory. The Iconia one 8 (B1-820) should hang on eight and a half hour, cost in may from 180 euros, and be available in ten colors. As the operating system is used on two tablets Android 5.0 (lollipop).

With Android the 5.5 inch Phablet is 2 X liquid. Like his predecessor at the same time takes on three SIM cards-frequent travellers may be pleased. Curiously, Acer is called while the battery capacity (4000 mAh), but otherwise no technical data-and the X was issued 2 only behind glass. It will probably take something so to the availability.