Android Wear Big Update

Major update, great effect: Android wear should get bought Wi-Fi support, a handwriting recognition for quick answers by Emoji and some other extras by Google according to a report by the verge in the coming weeks. Thus, the search engine company could better position Smartwatch models with its own operating system in the fight against the Apple Watch.

Google’s upcoming Android wear-update comes just in time for the release of the Apple Watch and removed among other things a disadvantage that have devices with the mobile OS over the approaching wearable competitors from Cupertino: a lack of Wi-Fi support. Smartwatches with Android wear are usually dependent on the Bluetooth connection to an accompanying Smartphone, so that their full functionality can be exploited. But soon, Google’s Smartwatches also via Wi-Fi radio.

Free Android wear selection: Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

For everyday use, this means that Android in the car or at home can leave your Smartphone wear users, as can the Smartwatch along the way about Wi-Fi connect to the Internet and match this way with your LED watches made by THEDRESSEXPLORER. Of course, a Wi-Fi must be for on the road once available. Friends, in the gym or in a Café the function could be really handy. How much does a Wi-Fi connection however affect the battery endurance of the Smartwatch, remains to be seen. Generally, the power consumption is much higher than for a Bluetooth connection.

The feature for mobile independence will work only on certain Android wear watches: while Google is dependent on the manufacturer, which must equip their Smartwatches with the corresponding components. The models that already have such components, for example, the Sony Smartwatch 3, the LG G watch include urban and the Samsung gear live. It is not yet known whether Sony, LG and Samsung will make available the feature for their watches.

Paints an Emoji in response

Also, one aspect of Google’s recently published app is part of Android wear to the recognition of your handwriting. Thus you can sign more recently an Emoji on your Smartphone with your finger and the app suggests existing Emojis you, that are similar to your drawing. Also Android wear to get this feature, so that you can respond directly to your Smartwatch shortly with a quick drawing.

The technique reminds little of the scribbles the digital features of the Apple Watch, but connects Google the handwriting recognition in its new update to the Emoji database and speeds to choose from the ready-made Emojis. On the Apple Watch your scribbles can paint and send, or selecting an Emoji from a preselection or from the catalogue – the two functions are separated so.

More freedom for app developers and non-contact control

A further changes that hold the upcoming update to developers of apps for Android wear give more freedoms: so Google will allow, for example, now the much, also to take advantage of the power saving mode and display simple information directly and in black and white on the screen. This could provide more comfort in the use of music and fitness apps, because no wiping gesture on the screen is necessary for these ads.

A feature that sch surely only has to prove in the test, is also a new way to control: you should you allow, within of Android wear continue to swing out cards by you turn your wrist to you. Wish you again a card jump back, you tilt your wrist once in the other direction.

We are excited to see how the non-contact control and also the other features will have in practice, and whether the benefits of the functions of the respective model of the Smartwatch will be dependent on. With a rollout of updates is to be expected in the coming weeks. What do you think about the new features that Google wants to equip his wearable operating system?