Ankle Chain Bracelet

One, two, three, Sun!

Here here the summer back the Sun! An air that we have in mind, we are obviously, temperatures rebounded, first days are here, it smells good holidays. And if recent weeks are sometimes the longest, it is high time to start to look at your wardrobe and your summer accessories, this will have at least the merit to dive a little more into the bath and do us touch finger the awaited moment!

Then, small bikinis, dress Beach Bohemian trend or hippie chic very fashionable, matching sunglasses, small light clothing to indulge in evening, sneakers, sandals, ok for the clothes, but we’ll take what like jewelry?

Long necklaces alluring and colorful to insist on the side “beatnik”, ethnic earrings of circumstance for those casual, a gaggle of little bracelets fine spirit “arm-party” the trend of the moment is missing a little something, don’t you think?

If it is a time of year where you can showcase your feet and show to the big day Trump charm of your ankles, it’s summer! At the beach, feet in the sand or soft and long nights the legs in the air, a jewel of foot will take care of deal you of delicacy and refinement, the ankle chain !

The idea you please? Here are a few bracelets at CLOTHINGEXPRESS that should inspire you!

You may have guessed, is not here question of price, since rates of these ankle bracelets are all in all pretty paltry (€12.90 – €37.90) but good style!

Classic? Oriental? All money? Never without my stone? The ankle that you choose to wear must of course match your outfit of the day and sublimate, but also translate a minimum your personality is as you will feel better and will leave expressing the sensuality of your feet!