Ankle Pants for Mens


You will have noticed that the hem of men’s trousers has shortened, you bring up the ankle with high or thin flap and for those who love the sporty jogging style pants paired with a jacket. There are tight pants for winter and wide-legged pants but do not miss the classic trousers that leaves discovered the ankle, we see the pairings.

Dressed In Ankle-Length Pants

With or without brim every designer has given its interpretation, the jacket is double-breasted or single breasted, for example here find three examples of how to bring a suit with the trousers above the ankle: the British men’s fashion at Emporio Armani man of Cerruti

In the three matches we notice the elegance of the English style with the double-breasted pinstripe suit, the gray suit with waistcoat jacket and pants with elastic Emporio Armani and high-waisted trousers with turn-ups of Cerruti. These combinations work perfectly thanks to the colors chosen between light and dark gray and his shoes matched each loafers and boots winter.

Sports Shorts Elegant Trousers

For a more informal style you can choose between a short green sweater trousers and a padded black leather jacket see Bally.Leisure instead even military-style pants with elastic J.Crew , boot to view and turtleneck sweater can be a male bell’outfit for the winter to be copied.

Even jeans are worn in winter rolled or high aspect as proposed by Hogan in his winter collection. Here are two ideas of how to bring jeans in the fashion man winter of 2016.

The trend of short trousers above the ankle and very strong, and the fashion of Instagram bloggers naturally anticipate. Here are three examples from one of London street style where in perfect British style we see as an elegant man outfit of pants coat and shoes, and the sporty combinations of Italian fashion blogger.

Even for the winter you can wear pants that reach the ankle, here are some examples of combinations from