Apple Advertises Off Lumia-Camera Specialists from Nokia

A new camera specialist for Apple: The main developer for the Lumia cameras changes from Nokia to the company from Cupertino. Since 2007, ARI pieces at the Finnish mobile phone company for the cameras was responsible and has developed amongst the 808 PureView, which is used in the Nokia 920.

Even though Nokia successes so far no outstanding Lumia series with the Windows phone operating system, the smartphones for innovative and high-performance camera technology are known as the verge pointed out. For example the impressive 41-mega pixel camera of Lumia includes 1020, pieces was also involved in its development.

Switching to Apple in June

As the camera specialist in a tweet, the change to Apple will take place in June. Which function he will take over at Apple, is not known. But, it is believed that he also will be involved in the development of new camera technologies. Other professionals for cameras, who previously worked at Nokia, working since acquiring the phone for Microsoft. Examples include Juha Alakarhu and Tero Vuori, who had issued a font once together with pieces in which the technology of PureView was declared.