Apple and Smart Watch

A month ago Tim Cook had a new with great jubilation in the Flint Center finally “one more thing” before – the Apple Watch. But since then it has become amazingly quiet Apple’s new product category: the hype for the iPhone and iPad unveiling, is completely absent, whereas new speculation about a later launch date and Mondpreise are circulating. Threatens the first major product of Tim Cook era to flop?

It was the moment Tim Cook had been waiting his whole life for LED watches. He stood on the stage of the Flint Center and stretching out their hands into the air as a striker, which succeeded in the decisive goal in a World Cup final. And it is also quite similar: the unveiling of the Apple Watch is Tim Cook’s personal World Cup final.

Whether it is enough for the title or the jubilation came too soon, is it not rather than in spring 2015 can decide if Apple’s first new product for five years in the trade – if there is then already in trade, which by no means considered to be secured, “Early 2015” is finally a stretchable term. It isn’t the first time that half a year between product announcement and delivery is Apple: when the first iPhone’s was the same.

Cultivated boredom: Apple Watch, what was there?

And, as it seems today, Apple fans will can get over probably the latency. Exactly a month after the Apple Watch was unveiled, abides by the enthusiasm to the next ‘ one more thing’ from Cupertino amazingly within limits. Seven years ago after the unveiling of the first iPhone, but also four years ago when the first iPad, it was different. No one seemed to wait the new cult gadgets to, which once again “would change everything”.

A month after the keynote is to see not much of great enthusiasm: the Apple Watch is currently completely overlaid by the Buhei to the new iPhones, and that might be exactly what wanted Tim Cook. The Apple Watch, so the presentation was an idea is even less a finished product than the first iPhone, which was introduced and at the presentation was a big bluff, as the former Apple Manager Andy Grignon last year revealed in January 2007.

The Rao Apple gadget since the Newton?

This 8 and new features such as health and Apple pay is even after the rollout of iOS until today quite unclear what the benefit of Apple Watch actually is or how it differs from other Smartwatches that were noticed so far isn’t as must have gadgets.

The assertion that the Apple Watch may seems the verzichtbarste gadget since the Newton is no exaggeration: Not – need the Apple Watch actually but you need an iPhone to use it at all. And yet Apple factor apparently even the instant mega success. Suppliers expect orders amounting to 40 to 50 million units in the first year.

So would the Apple Watch from the stand selling better than the iPad and become an instant world-wide success. But it’s really that simple, tightly calculated success of Apple Watch is a surefire? Even professional optimistic analysts seem less certain. Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray anticipates approximately only 10 million units sold in the year 2015.

Even more: Munster will have found even a post-crisis interest of American teenager after unveiling the Apple Watch, who had a hard time with teens since the advent of the first rumors. Itself of feeling also a month later is impossible to escape: the feeling of Wow, the brilliant must I have moment came at the keynote not on – and then also no longer.

Tim Cook buys Apple Watch time

The Apple Watch looks more like a placeholder in the Gallery of the ancestors of the “one more things” because as a significant new product category: Tim Cook has announced its product – and the Apple Watch above all, paradoxical it may sound, bought in with time.

When the Apple Watch sometime in the spring of next year on the market, Tim Cook is likely to announce quickly the success stories of the first sold millions – of course Apple fans attack reflexively after five long years without something new. This brings the first 10-15 million buyers and thus $5-7 billion additional revenue in the blink of an eye. But follow the connection buyers who can recruit Apple due to the binding on the iPhone only from his own camp? And they are ready to renew their Apple clock like an iPhone just as quickly?

Apple wants to sell his product as a lifestyle statement – as a Smartwatch

After all: The obvious flexibility at the price the Apple Watch does not have the mass must be success. It seems actually, Apple five years after the iPad take a conscious move away from his previous product launches, which were affected by the merciless law of creative destruction. A year later, after launching the iPhone 5 s is and iPad just no longer the hottest thing – but how air carrier of Apple Watch Edition will feel, who have paid for their version with 18-carat gold just 5000 or maybe even 10,000 dollars?

It appears obvious that the introduction of its new product, Apple is looking for ways, it could endanger the innovator dilemma to escape, the Apple, if another manufacturer in the same device class offers revolutionary and better products. Tim Cook attempts so something like squaring the circle: the gold standard should be – refined in the literal sense.

Apple Watch: The purchase argument is the label that is no longer the code of a better life – the technical product

This gold standard is Apple itself, which is why the worsening in the brand name makes more sense – is not the product sold, but the whole glory of Apple-branded. It is the blueprint that I had already described in March: the statement, visible on the wrist to wear #TeamApple for all over the world. The selling point is the label that is no longer the code of a better life – the technical product.

Not about Apple at the keynote of the Buzzword, the Apple Watch as product category should actually fall into the avoided: it is a Smartwatch but is not sold as such, as John Gruber works out: “you never said, that they bring a Smartwatch on the market, but a watch. The only comparisons, which is Apple itself, are those with the watch industry. And that will show up in the price”, Gruber believes.

Bonds on the secret formula of the luxury goods industry: make gold out of nothing

So Apple’s sales strategy is called by name. The most valuable company in the world is going the way of a luxury manufacturer. But can Apple actually luxury – true decadent luxury, with the 22 year-old model Russian takes out her sugar daddy? Does the Apple Watch in a League with Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Prada? And if, that would be really desirable?

It is a risky bet that enters Tim Cook. On the one hand, he switched on the jackpot on the secret formula of the luxury goods industry, which makes Gold such as the wizard of Oz out of nothing. After 15 years of epoch-making innovations, Apple can play this card as the world’s most coveted brand.

Modezaren Ahrendts, Denève, Pruniaux: new kind of Regent, which retract in Apple’s Empire

On the other hand, Cook of Apple’s roots are estranged. The obligations of the past 18 months are acknowledged in the Techbranche with some frown: Ives Saint Laurent-CEO Paul Deneve, Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts, TAG Heuer sales director Patrick Pruniaux and Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch, who even, maximum uncharismatisch, was allowed to present the Apple Watch? Is this the kind of new elders, which retract in Apple’s Empire – Modezaren and a highly paid mercenaries, who once fought for Flash and thus the enemy camp?

It is in the nature of the word, the line is as fine: fashion. Fashion is zeitgeist. Trend. Changing taste. The Bill goes up, Apple deserves with the clock of faster margins than one she is used by LVMH, Gucci or Prada.

The Apple Watch, flop the critics feel confirmed: that would have never happened under Steve Jobs…

It goes wrong, Tim Cook has at least a serious image problem. The base will rebel, what should this lifestyle scrap, why Apple more for the fashion week in Paris produced when media designer, filmmaker or photographer – the images in the past week as well as the cover of Chinese vogue a strange taste of the contours in the modulated Apple’s image. The skeptics would agree to the reflexartigen Choir: that would have never happened under Steve Jobs…

While Tim Cook can afford economic even an Apple Watch flop without the bailout. The situation is very different than in 2004, when Steve Jobs Apple’s best team work two and a half years in a row on the iPhone – flop the Apple clock, corrupted the image Tim of Cook’s but not necessarily the balance sheet. Apart from glee and malice, not much will happen.

Apple is and remains the iPhone-company – the iPhone 6 sold as sliced bread. As long as Cook holds his Perpetuum mobile running, he can afford even trips to the world’s luxury goods industry – no matter who pays the Bill at the end of this…