Apple Iphone Se and Ipad Pro: the New

The Apple event in Cupertino took an hour ago. During these sixty minutes Tim Cook and his team introduced the new products Apple iPhone SE and iPad Pro. Further topics of the keynote: environmental protection, health and the operating systems tvOS and iOS 9.3. We looked at the event at the Apple Livestream.

Anniversary: ​​The Apple I Will Be 40

The Apple Event on 21 March 2016 starts with the welcome by CEO Tim Cook. He recalls the 40th birthday of the Apple I computer  on April 1 and is pleased that over one billion Apple products have been sold worldwide. The new Apple campus is also in work. Tim Cook presents a video for the anniversary:

The Iphone And The Assassination Attempt By San Bernadino

But Tim Cook has even more to say:

“We need to know how much power the government should have over our data, and over our privacy. I’ve been humbled and deeply grateful for the outpouring of support that we’ve received from Americans across the country, from all walks of life. We did not expect to be in this position, at odds with our own government. But we have a strong sense of responsibility. We owe it to our customers, and we owe it to our country. This is an issue that impacts all of us. ”

t is about the ongoing conflict around the unlocking of the “assassin’s iPhones” (we reported).

Tim Cook’s position is full of conviction. Data must be secure;Apple is also responsible for this and will not shrink back.We are anxious to see whether the recent hearing in California will lead to the case.

News From The Company Apple

Before we look at the new products iPhone SE and iPad Pro from in 9.7 inch as well as the Apple Watch, there is still more to report about the California company.

Environmental Protection And Recycling With Liam

Lisa Jackson has some data on environmental protection at Apple in the luggage. We are picking up two figures that we want, regardless of the industry, for each company:

93 percent of all Apple devices use renewable energy worldwide

99 percent of all packaging comes from recycling or sustainable forestry

More interesting than statistics is the robot Liam, which dismantles old iPhones and ensures that more components can be recycled, for example, iPhone boards for solar panels.

Apple And Health: Researchkit And Carekit

Jeff Williams reports on health. Apple ResearchKit has been available for a year and is used at prestigious American universities such as Stanford and Harvard. With ResearchKit, among other things, the largest Parkinsonian study of all times was realized, according to Williams.

But Apple goes a step further. Not only the handling of medical data is important. Patients should also be improved. The developers CareKit have created for this. This is a framework for developing apps for the care and treatment of patients. Apple CareKit is an open-source framework and available from April.

New Smartphone: Apple Iphone SE

Many rumors about the new iPhone have been confirmed at Apple’s special event. Greg Joswiak introduces the smartphone. The data for the new Apple iPhone SE in a nutshell:

4 inches tall

Aluminum Unibody in 4 colors

64-bit A9 chip with M9 coprocessor

12 MP iSight camera with 4K video and live photos

fingerprint sensor

2 storage variants

Prices: 16 GB: 399, – US Dollar 64 GB: 499 USD

Pre-orders from 24 March 2016

The iPhone SE replaces the iPhone 5s and with the fast hardware and powerful camera of theiPhone 6s is an alternative for users who prefer compact smartphones.

New Tablet: Apple Ipad Pro

Phil Schiller illuminates the audience with a few statistics around the iPad. More than 200 million copies with 9.7 inches are scheduled to be circulating around the world. The iPad Air is with the keynote story. Instead, the new iPad Pro is presented in 9.7 inches . The data at a glance:

9.7 inches tall

True Tone display with ambient light sensors

4 speakers

64-bit A9X chip with M9 coprocessor

12 MP iSight Camera and 5 MP FaceTime HD

Smart Keyboard available

Compatible with Apple Pencil

4 colors, 3 memory variations

Prices: 32 GB: 599, – US Dollar 128 GB: 749, – US Dollar 256 GB: 899, – US Dollar (Wi-Fi)

Pre-orders from 24 March 2016

The rates are based on the iPad Pro with Wi-Fi. That there is no 16-GB variant, we would also wantfor the upcoming Apple iPhone 7.

Update For The Operating System: Ios 9.3

As a rule, new products are accompanied by a major update of the operating system. Because it is still too early for iOS 10, iOS 9.3 comes. The mobile OS is now rolled out and brings improved and new features to the iPhone or iPad:

Nightshift with reduced blue light in the evening

Notes with fingerprint

Health with app suggestions

News improved

CarPlay with improved map app for easier navigation


Update For Apple TV: Smarter Tvos

There is also news on streaming. Owners of an Apple TV can look with the tvOS update about new features, which increase the usability. So it will be possible to see two content in parallel or to log in to the installed streaming apps via the new dictation function for Siri. Anyway, there will be more apps for Apple TV-and they will be better. For how does Tim Cook say so beautifully:

New Tapes For The Apple Watch

There is no new Apple Watch. Instead, come new colorful bracelets for the Apple Watch Sport.There is also a nylon bracelet, which is supposed to provide a fresh touch on the wrist in poppy colors. Apple lowers the price of Watch. The cheapest model is now available from 299,-US dollar.

In the next few days, we will be focusing on iPhone SE and iPad Pro in separate articles and test the new features of iOS 9.3.