Apple Is Considering Legally Counter The Trump Immigration Ordinance

Apple policy should not have been distracted in studying measures to counter the effects that can have the arrival of Donald Trump to the White House. Tim Cook already sent a letter to all staff making it clear that they did not support the Executive order, and the future painted quite worse with rumours of cancellations of foreign talents work permits.

From the Wall Street Journal comes joins little interview with the CEO of Apple, and in it the Executive said that the company It is considering to take legal action against Trump. In this way, together with the rest of great technology that they have spoken in a similar way, is would exert pressure so that the Government rescind that order.

“Hundreds of employees” of Apple, affected

Cook says how “hundreds of employees” of Apple have been affected by the order of immigration (apparently he has received letters from them). The CEO has contacted staff “very, very, very veteran” of the White House to insist that not only the strength of Apple but that of all the United States is given thanks to its immigration.

Trips to see high-ranking politicians, meetings with the President and other technology executives, rumors of moving production to U.S. territory… Trump has already done to Apple move more by political territory to protect their interests. And we have not even two weeks of Presidency with Trump, so it must be mentalizing is: This is going to go to more. Much more.