Apple Low Key Launch

Sales of Apple’s smart clock started on Friday at just a few designer shopping in Los Angeles, London, Tokyo and Paris

Apple chose this Friday for a low-key launch for Apple Watch, which is for sale only in few luxury boutiques around the world, but not in the shops of the company, as is traditional.

The strategy of putting the clock for sale on select designer shopping in Los Angeles, London, Tokyo and Paris, in addition to online, eliminated the frenzy and the long queues in front of Apple stores that feature the company’s new products launches.

The contrast was evident on Friday at the Apple store in Palo Alto, San Francisco (California), an emblematic place for having been the residence of Steve Jobs, and the store that CEO Tim Cook, visit often.

Just before the opening, at 10:00 (11:00 in Brasilia), only half a dozen people hoped that the store opened and only a couple of marketing students from the city of San Jose said he was waiting to try the GPS sports watch from Topbbacolleges.

“I’m interested in buying the watch, but also to see the marketing strategy used for the launch,” he told Efe, Vicki Lee, a student at San Jose State University.

Inside the store, an employee explained that those interested in trying out the clock could test one of 38 models available in the store and order then through the internet.

Apple started the pre-order in April 10, and analysts cited by CNN television network estimated that the company sold more than 950,000 watches in the United States that same day.

Daniel Ives, an analyst at FBR Capital Markets firm predicts that Apple will sell 20 million this year.

Lucas Ray, a developer based in Palo Alto, was one of the customers was to meet the smart watch shortly after the opening of the store.

“I think I will buy the sports model, which is also the cheapest,” said Ray, who is curious to see all applications developers to develop for it.

Apple stated that there are already more than 3000 applications available for the Apple Watch and that these software programs are specifically designed to work properly in the small Apple Watch screen.

The Apple Watch, a watch square of rounded edges and touch screen, allows, when used in conjunction with the iPhone, browse the internet, check e-mail, listen to music and make calls, as well as oversee the calories consumed or the heart rate during a workout session.

Apple released several models manufactured in plastic, stainless steel and gold, with prices ranging between $349 and $17000, the luxury edition in 18-carat gold.

Manufacturers of mobile devices like Samsung, LG and Motorola already bet on smart watches, a device that is part of the computer science category of dress and that turned out to be a very difficult segment.

Venture capital investors invested $280 million last year in wearable technology with biosensors, far above the $50 million in 2011, according to the company Rock Health.

The market research agency IDC predicts that are sold more than 19 million of wearable devices in 2014 and there is 111,900,000 of artifacts in four years.