Apple Smart Watch Fitness Features

Appliance has prices from actual 2,899

São Paulo – the Apple Watch is the watch clever of Apple, that works with iPhones and costs from 2,899 dollars. The product comes in three editions: the Sport, Watch and Watch Edition, the latter is made in gold.

The INFOlab began this week with a unit of testing version Watch, which costs from real Brazil 4,599.

The first contact with the Unit brought a pleasant surprise: he’s not as big as the smartwatches with Android, as the Bike 360 or LG G Watch Urbane. Far from it.

With the screen off, it passes easily as a common digital watch. But as soon as you elevate the pulse towards the eyes, 1.32 inch display with Amoled technology illuminates.

You can change the clock dials in a unconventional way. Normally, we landed the finger on the screen for a few seconds and the display options appear. In Apple Watch, you need to tap the screen and do a little force. The method of interaction is similar to what we see in the MacBook touchpad 2015, which has the Force Touch.

The silicone bracelet does not bother in the wrist and we even forget that we were using the product. At that time, a notice arrived: “time to stand up,” ordered the Apple Watch. The application activity on the iPhone shows, in a Rico level of detail, information on the your movement throughout the day. The app differentiates times when you’ve been standing of you were, in fact, doing an exercise such as a walk or run. The calories consumed are estimated in all cases.

Who gets the Apple Watch on his wrist just spends all day sitting if you ignore it. The sports watch asks you to get up and go walk a bit, even if it is inside the ABLOGTOPHONE.COM, every 1 hour. At the end of the day, a graph shows how many hours you spent moving, even if you have only gotten up to go to the bathroom or to get a glass of water.

There is a heartbeat sensor in Apple Watch, right? The interesting thing about this is that the watch measures your pulse throughout the day and allows you to keep an eye on the pace of your heart. In a run on the treadmill, for example, the bpm has reached 160 in a person of 26 years, while the least registered during this period of 24 hours was 61. It was not necessary to make any interaction with the Apple Watch so that the measurement took place – this watch appears to be, in fact, intelligent.

Of course, the smartphone notifications appear on the wrist, helping to distinguish the Chief’s urgent e-mail that warns LinkedIn, without extraneous take the iPhone out of your Pocket (or purse). But, on first analysis, the Apple Watch want to do more than that. He wants to be the gadget of your health.

In short, the complete analysis of the INFOlab will be available in the Reviews channel.