Apple Watch 2 Review

Thinner, faster, smarter: We summarize the rumors to the Apple Watch 2.

For about a year the Apple Watch now on the market and this is quite successful: 5.1 million copies of smart time iron man should have brought in the Christmas quarter alone by 2015 the manufacturer from Cupertino. Despite the success, it is only a matter of time before Apple launches the next version. These should be significantly thinner rumored.

Is the Apple Watch 2 thinner?

Because if the company consistently has managed one in recent years, to then slim his equipment: thinner MacBook, thinner iPad, thinner iPhone. A leaner Apple Watch would be the logical consequence. This is not unlikely: Brian White, analyst at Drexel Hamilton, has visited suppliers on a tour of Asia and is now a housing thinner by the 40 percent. Talks, however, according to AppleInsider KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The claims that the this year’s version gets only a hardware update. The housing remains unchanged until 2017.

That is likely to disappoint the fans. After all, it was a FaceTime camera for Selfies and video calling directly on the screen in the conversation. But whether or not it but really comfortable phone, is already questionable! The display, Apple should consequently put on a similar make as in the current clock. That would mean that there are no Runde Apple Watch. Mockups, remained a reverie like that of JustChris, so for the time being.

There will be no change well when connecting for the bracelets. Because at almost every event since the introduction of the Apple Watch, Apple has shown new belts for the smart watch reviewed on

More functions for fitness freaks

The current generation is actually plenty of ways to record sports activities and workout even without third-party app. The Apple Watch 2 to can but still a little more. Apple was probably that’s why January 2016 on the search for experts in medical technology. Prerequisite for employment was among other things a “good understanding of non-invasive sensors for the measurement of biological signals”. There could be new sport chips for the clock.

In addition, a faster processor and more memory of course are compulsory for the successor. An annoyance of the current generation is that third-party apps partly very slow slow. The software update on watchOS 2 half da limited.

When will the Apple Watch 2?

Many have expected the release to the iPhone-SE event. No wonder: The clock there at various retailers in advance for less money was to buy. Apple itself turned only once the price screw: in Germany you’ll get the cheapest model now for 349 instead of 399 euro.

The next dates of Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC). But for the developers conference you need to get probably not too great hopes. Here is all mostly to software, including also iOS and watchOS. If anything, the company introduces new Macs. Traditionally, there are new products in addition to finished software then in autumn.

That the Apple Watch 2 is a success, seems already certain. The reason: a survey of marketing company fluent indicating that 60 percent of current Apple Watch owners in the new model would just access. The main reason not to a Apple Watch to access, is the poll only the price.