Apple Watch Detailed Review

Is Apple’s debut is successful? Or has the Apple Watch with children’s diseases to fight? The detailed test.

Why not first I in the full test on the performance, to talk about the battery power or the software? Finally we’re but a technology Web site, right? Well, because Apple the Apple Watch less than pure tech gadget advertises, but rather as a fashion accessory and Wizard. As with any other product from Cupertino, Apple has placed extreme value on a wide range of high-quality materials and offers round-the-clock in a total of 34 variants that assemble together with the different Watchfaces and color schemes to create up to two million different combinations can be.

Processing (housing): Stainless steel scratches easily

So how is it that the processing? Scratch the housing really quickly? Usually I wear the Apple Watch under a shirt or sweater, which makes the gadget rather exposed shipped potential blows and bumps on my wrist. All clear: Although the stainless steel is not so shiny as in the beginning, but dotted with plenty of fingerprints after a week, but I could not discover large scratches on the top.

Otherwise, it looks like on the underside of the watch. Where the straps in contact with the body, wear are already out. That may be due to probably the fact that I use my version of Apple Watch together with the link bracelet and the Milanese loop; so rallying metal on metal, which understandably leads to scratching. However, some of them are quite deep, without having the Apple Watch actually might – have had contact with hard surfaces because the Milanese loop as well as the articulated the clock never plan rests. How your scratches away from your Apple Watch, can read

The display glass itself shows no damage after a few days in use. Already the hardness tests advance showed that even coarse tool can have on little glass. And also my concern that the screen is covered after a short time with fingerprints, proved unfounded in the practice. And who wears the watch under a shirt or sweater, you will have no problems with streaks on the display.

Aside from the vulnerability of the stainless steel variant for scratch we have to do it, that you can purchase right now for money with the bestverarbeitenen Smartwatch. I need not to talk, because there is almost no gap from gaps. Only on the bottom of the components for the pulse – stuck under the actual watch box so, that not a speck of dust or other dirt there could be lost. This should be so, if the gadget is waterproof to IPX7 standards.

The Crown also bombproof, the pressure point of the integrated buttons is well adjusted. And also the additional button, the Apple is called only “the button”, can be intuitively feel and operate smoothly.

Processing (bracelets): well done Apple,

When we talk about the processing of Apple Watch, a special focus also on the bracelets should be. Now, I am no great watch connoisseurs and appreciates individual details of a bracelet at the ground like an outright watches Pro. However, The quality of wristbands tested by me is impeccable. The high-quality articulated had to shrink even in the half dark by simply pressing on the built-in mechanism in each individual Member. The Milanese loop is elegantly Nestled around the wrist, while the magnetic closure even when force is extremely tight.

On the case of the Apple Watch itself, the bracelets can be exchanged with a few simple steps. Also here by just pushing the integrated buttons, even slip the ends of the bracelet from the rail. Why is no old watchmaker on this idea come so far, that eliminates the gang to the watchmaker and it animates the carrier more to try and change? Of course the spring bars can be in most clocks with a little skill, however, the mechanism can be the ends of the straps in the case leave the Apple Watch. Also, the Smartwatch from Cupertino looks more compact than the models of competition.

Performance: third-party apps let you wait

No, I want on the Apple Watch not racing play real or about benchmarks with carriers, other Smartwatches measure me. What I presume but is same seamless and immediate operation, I used also by other iOS devices. So much was said: that could run a bit better. You will start as an app, you have no longer called sometimes you must look two to three seconds on a start. It now sounds like whining at a high level, however the Apple Watch Gadget Yes it is aimed you only briefly looks on your wrist, to devote you then again more important things. If you then spend this time with waiting, the Bill is not quite. The reasons may be different: the quality of the Internet connection, if the Apple Watch that needs to get iPhone data from the network. Or the complexity of the app as such: the app is natively running on the Apple Watch and run – or funneled through ultimately only by the iPhone. This is about striking Instagram. Started up the app and called the feed is, take several seconds. Runtastic also needs some time to run on the Apple Watch. About DriveNow lets you wait all ten seconds before it comes to the selection of available cars.

Start the watch system apps however, there much more quickly: iMessage, telephony menu, activity app, music or passport-after two seconds can be operated the applications. So, it remains unclear to what extent Apple or app developers must now rework. Chances are, some developer to equip the am version of their software with many features. Since the differences to the loading time of Apple’s own Systemapps are some stark, it would in my opinion on Apple, extensively to share the knowledge. Because only so the manufacturer on long term avoids the impression, his Smartwatch is too slow and would thus fail in the own claim to be a digital assistant.

Battery: Tugs at the iPhone and saves it as

Pulls the Apple Watch now on the battery of the iPhone? Or he will be spared, because the iPhone remains more common in your Pocket? Well, both. I use about apps like Instagram, which require a well-oiled connection between the iPhone and the Apple Watch and get the Smartphone even data from the network in addition to the pure Bluetooth connection, that noticeably impacted the iPhone battery. If the iPhone push notifications WhatsApp, telegram, Instagram and co. on the wrist but and I can decide whether I want to answer it directly from there and it does not permanently have to get the Smartphone from standby, which in turn protects the battery of the iPhone. So it’s one at the end of the day zero sum invoice and the iPhone battery holds as long as otherwise also – I scored a full day? In fact, there were days, went the Smartphone in the second half of the day to run, if I have much on the Apple Watch played around, install new apps and thus more requires the connection between clock and Smartphone. On other days, use the Apple Watch apparently not charged the iPhone battery. This may be now no wholly satisfactory answer, however I hereby promise to collect beforehand more empirical values for the battery consumption. Until then, I can give only two bearings right.

To the Apple Watch battery itself had so much to say: if I use the clock several times every hour, spread over the day launch apps, with questions do Siri and send small paintings on other Apple Watch contacts, then the unit has at the end of the day on average between 10 and just under 20 percent of available capacity. That would suffice to get through the night and the following morning. Because you will order but hardly a second charging cable to the Apple Watch, visit the charging station is compulsory evening. Well solved: The charger is pleasantly long with two meters and ensures that you must place the watch during the charging process rather than on the ground. Then but nevertheless real docking stations are nice – a selection can be found here.

Cooperation with the iPhone: running

Without the iPhone, the Apple Watch is ‘just’ a nice digital clock. Most of the functions running in the background directly on the Smartphone, while the Apple Watch itself only shows the result. Even the calendar can display only the current month without coupled iPhone. Fürs Navi draws the clock on the GPS module of the Smartphones and even though the Watchfaces directly on the Smartwatch can change and adapt, as the calendar widgets require synchronization with your iCal account – also happens via the link to the iPhone.

The fitness app needs no connection to the Smartphone. Assuming you want to monitor only your steps tracking and the pulse. Who wants to understand the kilometres also when riding a bike, must establish however connect to the Smartphone, because it needs the GPS module for this purpose.

You can see the Apple Watch as what it is – namely a Smartwatch needed per se always connect to the Smartphone – then does communication work under this premise quite seamlessly: after the initial Setup reminded me of the Apple Watch, for example, an appointment, without that I had to enable the forwarding of events before. Because by default, but each installed app that can communicate with the Apple Watch, sends push notifications also on your wrist, can interfere with the ongoing Gepiepe and Gebrumme on your wrist. Fortunately, you can create rules via the Apple Watch app for every single application.

This companion app have generally succeeded. Whether it’s the arrangement of icons on the home screen, adding friends or the sort of so-called checks: everything works seamlessly. I also set an appointment in my iCal calendars on the MacBook, it takes only a few seconds and appears on the LockScreen of my iPhone on the left below a calendar icon. The date on my Watchface in the calendar widgets will appear again a few seconds later. So be it.

In the companion app, by the way, the short answers can be configured that you can use to respond to messages. I can only recommend to set their own responses in addition to the standard replies. Because sometimes a simple can seem “Okay” then but somewhat unfriendly, if your opponent doesn’t know that you have answered about the Apple Watch.

Fitness: More precision would be useful

The Apple Watch with an extensive fitness package comes along like hardly an other Smartwatch. Do you mean: the watch tracks your movements, measures your pulse, calculates calories burned, and so your fitness will always have in mind. In the dedicated fitness app, a relatively comprehensive overview of sports to choose from, which can do indoor – Cross Trainer, rowing machine, stepper – and where pure Fitnesstracker fail, because they count only steps is going Apple. Your sport is not listed, is the same calorie consumption such as for a “brisk walk” calculated. In all sports, I can put my goals after the duration, number of calories to burning distance or the – or choose an “open end”.

I finished my workout, I get from the Apple Watch a clear conclusion of training that makes other fitness watch pale look: percentage completion of my training, time, weather, total distance, burned activity and rest calories, total calories, pace and average heart rate mean the clock shows me clearly. I can not ask for more from a fitness gadget.

Where… but: eventually the Apple Watch has a built-in heart rate monitor and attaches importance to the fact that the combination of red and green light to measure very accurately the blood flow and thus also the pulse. In practice, however, for an hour on the spinning bike, it was difficult for me, in the short term to measure my heart rate. Although I got they permanently next to the calories burned and elapsed time, however the Apple Watch needed sometimes up to ten seconds to display the correct heart rate. For comparison, I took the pulse on the spinning bike itself. Had the Apple clock then found my current pulse, this differed to maximum two or three BPM for the measurement of the pulse meter on the spinning bike. However, there were also phases in which the Apple Watch almost every second measured heart rate and I could so reliably train in the proper heart rate zone during your workout. When the clock displays the correct pulse but at short intervals and when she need up to ten seconds, it is currently not understand for me. Apple said in advance the clock with each training session to learn more about you. Well possible so that the measurements with each workout will be more accurate. However, the delays in the measurement at the spinning causes that the Apple Watch showed me a lower calorie consumption led: only 375 to 387 on the spinning bike.

What possibly could annoy reasonably sporty indefinitely, are the so-called “floor targets”: once per hour over a total of twelve hours per day the Apple Watch want I get up for a minute. The good news: It can be turn off (thanks for the tip, Steven!): just in the Apple Watch app the setting for “Activity” call and turn off.

Operation via touch, Siri and co.: what can the Crown

As I already in the introduction to the Setup Guide for the Apple Watch mentioned: Completely intuitive operation is not the Apple Watch yet. Because sometimes you can enable and configure features on the device itself, partly the companion app needs it to. It has the basic principle of Aufgabenver