Apple Watch Explained

So far Apple was still covered with detailed descriptions of the functions of his new Apple Watch. First and foremost, the fitness and health features as well as the design and the different customization of appearance played a role in presentations. But now Apple going to apparently a lot and released some official statement videos.

In four new videos Apple explains the benefits and this time absolutely typical style above all the skills of his first wearables. A special focus is on the first place given features that are available without installing additional apps. Still it also comes to apply the benefits of controls selected by Apple such as the digital Crown.

Apple explains why the Apple Watch should be good

Some of the videos to the Apple Watch look a little like Apple wanted to do something, what came so far to just: namely the explanation why one should ever buy a sports watch defined by ELAINEQHO. Called the “digital touch” way to send a ‘tap’, a small sketch, or even your heartbeat to a friend, is clearly a feature that sets off the Apple Watch classic watches and competing devices from the Android wear field. The new videos now apparently have the task to convey us that such features are worth several hundred euros.

Adjustable dials, sending messages and viewing incoming messages on your wrist – what Apple shows in the videos, looks good, but it is not a spectacular invention such as the iPhone. It will show up whether it already enough Apple to pack largely known functions, or whether the Apple Watch is put maybe not quite so great start like the iPhone. After all, the wearable even with relatively low sales could quickly become the most successful Smartwatch. After all, the competition from Morotola, Samsung and co. has brought so far still no tons of such watches the man.