Apple Watch Health App

Behind closed doors, new software will be developed for the Apple Watch series 1 and series 2. With the focus still on health, which is why the company from Cupertino allegedly working on a new fitness app, as well as a program for the monitoring of sleep. When these applications expect us is but not yet known, according to Bloomberg.

If the rumors are true, Apple with the Apple Watch goes the way Steve Jobs has requested before his death continue: technology to improve understanding between health care professionals and patients. A Schlafüberwachungs app is intended here to the beginning that records only data not as the software of the competition, but to improve sleep suggests, for example, the user.

Smartwatch as diagnostic support

Also, the support for the heart rate monitor of the Apple Watch series 1 and series 2 should be improved. In the future could also be analyzed with the collected data, how long you need for example after a training session, until you have a resting heart rate again. According to the report, your health information will assist also doctors with medical diagnoses. To achieve this goal, is assumed by a central platform on which doctors can review all important data to your health.

Basically, the Apple watch health apps in the should be more than just statistics programs. Active proposals for improving the health and access opportunities for doctors would make the technology even more useful. Until early 2016 Apple bought the startup company Gliimpse. This company is focused to create a platform compatible with all systems for fitness data. It is not yet known when we can expect with new fitness apps for the Apple Watch series 1 and series 2.